Chances at Ivy Leagues!!!???

<p>Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. </p>

<p>What are my chances at an Ivy League?</p>

<p>Courses: </p>

<p>10th Grade (Grade)
English 10 Honors A
Creative Writing A
Adv Composition A
WldHist/Geo 2 Honors A
Algebra 2 Honors A
Chemistry 1 A
French 2 A
DriversEd/Health/PE A
GPA: 4.0 </p>

<p>11th Grade (Grade)
Reasoning Skills A
AP English Lan/Com A
US Va History A
Psychology A
Precalculus Honors A
Physics 1 A
French 3 A
AP Music Theory A
GPA: 4.143 </p>

<p>12th Grade (Grade so far on interims)
AP English Lit/Com A
Film Study A
US Va Govt A
Sociology (2nd semester)
AP Calculus BC A
Computer Science A
AP Physics B A
French 4 A
Expected GPA: 4.2 </p>

<p>class rank: top 5%</p>

<p>AP grades, two so far:
Music Theory: 5
Lang: 4 </p>

<p>SATS: 1300
Took today, didn't do well because I was sick... will take again in December, aiming for 750M and 700V.
SATIIs: Writing: 730
Math IC: 680 (Retaking Nov, expecting 750+)
Lit: 600 (Retaking Nov, expecting 700+) </p>

I have played the piano for 11 years, playing between 15-35 hours a week
I study with a teacher who went to the Moscow Conservatory, Peabody, Julliard, and now teaches there. I have also played for George Bush senior at one occasion.
I will submit two recordings which are extremely difficult and well-played to the music department
President and founder of chess club, 9th and 12th
Member of NHS, 12th
Active member in church- member/leader of Bible Study, Youth activities, charities (i.e. 30 hours famine, car washes, community service, etc.), I play the piano sometimes there (9th through 12th)
During summers I work at a confirmation camp in Sweden for several weeks, administrating, leading, mentoring, cooking, you name it!
Downhill skiing in Germany every year
Play basketball (not good at it, but lots of fun)
Several community service things, like parade, elections, etc. in addition to church and summer work
Teach piano to young students
Twice a year I go to Sweden and hunt, fish, lead wildlife expeditions, and meet with friends </p>

<p>I also compose classical music, having won several "honorable mentions" from the PTSA </p>

<p>Obviously there are all the "All A" honor rolls, etc. but I won't list those- got an award for best religion student in school in 9th grade</p>

<p>My teacher recs should be great- they love me- one from science, one from english
Optional rec- EXTREMELY good from a friend (adult) of mine at church </p>

<p>Essays should be very good (working on now)
Applications- I spend a lot of time doing them well (working on now) </p>

<p>Also, I am not a US citizen. I am Swedish, and English is my second language. Both my parents are in Sweden, and I have lived in South Africa, Sweden, America (two years), Holland, and Italy. </p>

<p>In addition to this, I have studied 5 languages- Dutch, English, Swedish, Italian, and French. There's some diversity for ya! </p>

<p>I know my SATs are rather low, but I will take the IIs again November and Is in December. I will aaaaace them that time! (Thing is I run out of time each section, so it's not like I don't know the material it's just that I need to watch the time!) </p>

<p>Thanks a lot, PLEASE reply!</p>

<p>bump bump, replies please?</p>

<p>Which Ivies are we talking about here? Are there any specific ones, or are you doing all eight and hoping to hedge your bets? ;-)</p>

<p>Yours ECs look solid. The languages will definitely help you. But your courseload seems a little light in the way of AP classes. Does your school offer that many? If it only offers what you've taken, you're fine. If it offers more, the college might wonder why you didn't take advantage of them. There are some kids applying to Ivy League schools who take 4-6 AP/honors classes every year. Your SAT is also a little on the slim side; I'd try to hit 1400+. </p>

<p>My advice: Use the music until you can push it no further. It seems like piano is your passion; push it. The only way it could hurt you is if there's another amazing pianist coming in (hey, it could happen).</p>

<p>Your affinity for skiing and outdoorsman type stuff suggests that maybe you should look at a school like Dartmouth.</p>

<p>Don't apply all eight - tell us specific ones.</p>

<p>Are you going to major in music? If so - why Ivy league? Some other schools have much better music programs and are easier to get into.</p>

<p>i don't like when people ask just ivy league, it's too broad, they are so different, I don't understand how 1 person could apply to them all, but to answer your question, you seem fine, depending if you're going for hyp or the lower ivies</p>

<p>Thanks for your replies!</p>

<p>Journogirl, I NOW realize that my APs are a little weak. Didn't offer them 9th, and 10th I took almost all honors. 11th and 12th combined are 5, shouldn't that be enough? My school offers about 20, so maybe I'm in a little trouble. However, I should think that the grades should make up for that, and yet again I realize there are people with 12 APs and a 4.4 or whatever GPA. I could probably handle 5 or six, but I transferred from another school and didn't know- I've only lived here 2 years!</p>

<p>nngmm- the good thing is, I am not going to major anywhere near something to do with music. This is why I think it would really stand out as an outstanding extracurricular... wouldn't you say?</p>

<p>I was thinking Princeton (oh my top choice!!!), Harvard, Yale, Brown, and maybe Upenn or Columbia... in addition to some safer schools like UvA and William and Mary. Unfortunately I still (!) haven't finalized my list of safe schools, can anyone help me out here too?</p>

<p>Oh and one more thing for EC- I'm in Math honor society, 11th and 12th grade.</p>

<p>Thank you so much
Prokofiev (now how does that relate to music... :))</p>

<p>bump bump bump :)</p>

<p>I'm going to be honest, because I would appreciate it.</p>

<p>With those SAT's you will have pretty much no chance at getting accepted to the more reputable Ivies (Yale, Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, etc.) and a tough time at the rest. </p>

<p>However, if you get your scores up to at least 1450+, (1500's would be good) and including your musical talent, then i'd say you have about a 30-40% chance of getting in.</p>


<p>Thank you for your honesty. Yes I need to work on them. If I can get above 700 on 3 SATIIs and a high 700 math, low 700 verbal (1480-1520 range) do you think I stand a good chance? Is it possible to boost my scores that much?</p>


<p>If you get your SAT's up id say you have a great shot. I know that its possible to bump your scores up quite a bit. Take a class or do the SAT book. You might not get from 1300 to 1520, but i would say getting into the 1400s would be a reasonable goal. That would probably get you into a lot of the less selective Ivies</p>

<p>Wait skier...there are not "more reputable Ivies HYP, PENN???) and less selective ones. HYP are about the same, Penn Brown Dartmouth are the same, and Cornell a little below</p>

<p>Oh yeah Columbia is with Penn Brown Dartmouth too</p>