Chances at IVYs, Stanford, and UCs? HELP!

<p>hey! could you guys please gimme an idea of my chances of getting into these dream schools? i'm applying to stanford, harvard, yale, jhu, duke, northwestern med, and UCB and UCLA. thanks:</p>

<p>i'm a female chinese, location: south CALI
school: troy high school (pretty competitive)
gpa: weighted-4.61, unweighted-3.91
rank: our school doesn't rank but i'm top 3%
sat i: 1560 (math-800, verbal-760)
sat ii: writing-790, math iic-800, chemistry-770
psat: 225
AP: 11 APs: comp sci A (5), european history (4), spanish 4 (4), calculus ab (5), chemistry (5), american history (4) and currently in: calc bc, biology, english 4, economics, and government.
IB: full ib diploma, i've taken: chemistry (6), spanish (7) and i will take: philosophy, english, math, and biology this year.
20 honors classes</p>

national merit semifinalist (applying for finalist)
ap scholar with distinction
governor's scholar awards (don't exist thanks to our fantastic budget)
The American Youth Foundation- Danforth I DARE YOU Leadership Award
Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) recipient
Who's Who Among American High School Students nominee
National Honor Roll recipient
principal's honor roll throughout high school
rotary club top 100 recipient
honor guard (top 12 of class of 2005)
Golden State Examination: Algebra Honors, Geometry Honors, Biology High Honors, 2nd Year Spanish High Honors
certificates of merit in classes
scholar athlete award
state convention piano qualifier
branch honors, certificate of merit in piano</p>

JV badminton (only one year)
school newspaper (2 years, not an editor tho)
national honor society (only allowed senior year)
csf (california scholarship federation) potential sealbearer (4 years)
key club member for 4 years
interact club member for 3 years
red cross member for 3 years
chinese culture club president/founder
medical sciences club secretary
spanish club treasurer
very active in piano competitions/recitals/community services all 4 years (but what else is new for asians?)
hospital volunteer (2 years)
math tutoring at a middle school (2 years)
local library- reading program tutor (2 years)</p>

<p>intended major: biochemistry, premed</p>

<p>so should i apply early to stanford or regular? cuz its my dream school since i was a kid, but i haven't started on the essays and the deadlines coming up. and is it true that they call the school and check quarter grades of senior year?</p>

<p>thanks a bunch!</p>


<p>UCLA: Safe Match
UCB: Safe Match
Stanford: Slight Reach
Harvard: Slight Reach
Yale: Slight Reach
JHU: Match
Duke: Match
Northwestern: Match</p>

<p>By the way, Who's Who and National Honor Roll are considered junk/scam.</p>

<p>flopsy... harvard stanford and yale are a bit more than slight reaches... the only kids that can be fairly sure of entrance are the kids who get into iit...</p>

<p>hehe... umm, if your GPA is 3.91 UW, how did u get Principal's Honor Roll throught high school? just curious. my friend went to tufts andhesaid when he looked at harvard's campas, it reminded him of being in chinatown. eh...i mean no disrespect but u reminded me of what he said... take care.</p>

<p>If you want praise, I'll say you're a good applicant. And you are.</p>

<p>Some things I wanted to point out: Half of your awards are simply...nothing. Almost EVERYONE gets them. Not worth the "honors" title.</p>

<p>EC's look ok, not particularly strong, and I say that because you don't seem "focus" in 3 or 4 of them, but moderately involved in many. Then again, I have no right to say that, since I have no clue how much time you spend in each.</p>

<p>where did u get in? (note that this post was many months ago)</p>

<p>I would think that She is in at all UC's and in at least 1 of either Stanford Yale or Harvard, and waitlisted at at least one of the other two..</p>

<p>you're very well-rounded, but you don't seem to have a hook. isn't there something you're really passionate about?</p>

<p>I am confused- isn't this thread from October?</p>

<p>Yeah, this is from october and I am sure he is done with his applications.</p>

<p>so where are you flopsy?</p>

<p>You called? :confused:</p>

<p>So where did you get accepted to?</p>

<p>I'm VERY certain that if you're a junior you need to take the new SAT for UCs, absolutely and it's the only thing they'll consider, unless I've been sorely misinformed - after all, weren't the UCs the ones mainly wanting that the SAT be changed? </p>

<p>For those at least, your numbers are good, so I concur with flopsy - relatively safe match... Though there's still a little bit of unpredictability.</p>