chances at JHU?

<p>3.8/4.05 GPA</p>

<p>(my gpa is low because I have taken about 7 APs in junior and sophomore year alone. In senior year I am taking 5 AP classes and 1 SUPA class which is twice as hard as an AP)</p>

<p>2190(750 math, 700 reading, 740 cr) on SATs( had appendicitis attack when i took it and my guidance told that to the admissions office at cornell)</p>

<p>700 on chem,700 on US sat 2 and 710 on math 1</p>

<p>This is my complete activities list:
1) Clinical Community Service at Universal MRI(600 hrs) from 9th grade to 11th grade.
2) Religious Community Service in India over the 10th grade summer in a Temple in Delhi (170 hrs)
3) Research with Dr. Dmitri Chklovskii at Cold Sping Harbor Labs( Approx. 500 hrs)- 4 to 5 hrs during the year and 5 hrs/day during the summer
4) Summer School at Harvard (Biology) during 10th Grade summer
5) Worked as a Computer Technician in Queens, NY in 9th grade
6) Web-designer in Delhi, India in 9th grade
7) Worked as Sales Person in NYC
8) Tutored 5th and 6th grade students in math and science during 9th grade
9) Varsity Track
10) National Honor Society in 11th and 12th grade
11) Second Place in Rohm and Haas research competition</p>

<p>I didnt include all the pointless clubs i joined in which I did not have a major position</p>

<p>I wrote my essay about moving from india to america at the age of 14. I based my other essay my interest in resrearch.....</p>

<p>my recommendations are decent too...i think</p>

<p>oh and I am also the first generation in my family to go to college</p>

<p>hey.!??!?! are u the guy who also started a thread for Caltech, Harvard and Stanford. Dude! come on!</p>

<p>lol...yea...too much time on my hands..</p>

<p>wait...i just remembered. I did not post on harvard and stanford...
not good enough for them...</p>

<p>also, g-town, ucla, rice, cornell, virginia, berkeley, vanderbilt, northwestern, dartmouth, columbia, nyu stern, yale, princeton & brown.</p>

<p>wow, lots of chances threads. why do you feel the need to ask for chances to so many schools?</p>


<p>why bother posting chance threads? no one here can tell you how qualified you are. just apply and wait.</p>

<p>yea...u guys are right...but i am going crazy waiting for my ED results from</p>

<p>i mean, i'm not trying to scold you for being curious, so don't be mistaken. i just want you to know that you are a good candidate, and that at this point nothing any of us say or don't say will change the outcomes of your applications. </p>

<p>you need to just breathe. breathe, and think about now. the homework you have now, the friends you have now, the things you should be doing now, and not worrying about what's to come with your decisions. it's out of your hands. </p>

<p>and, you'll do just fine.
don't worry.</p>

<p>thanx flybyzephyr. My Type A personality usually prevents me from doing that sometimes</p>

<p>i hate when people give excuses for test scores, especially when theyre good. come on now dude, appendicitis?</p>

<p>I actually had an appendicitis attack during the test. my appendix had burst by the time i got to the hospital . do u think that did not affect my score? At first, i did feel like a total ass for putting it on my app but my counselor convinced me that it can only help and its the truth...
and trust me, i am more than happy with a 2190...unlike some other applicants who aren't even satisfied with a 2300</p>