chances at Kenyon college, Ohio Wesleyan university, Trinity university

Dear Guys, I have 4.0 GPA and 1200 on SAT. I also got scholarships, Gold Medal and prizes in debating competitions in school and high school which I have mentioned on my application. I have also mentioned about my worst circumstances and the family problems briefly in one or two lines in my essay. Do the admission committees take into account those problems while looking at my application? Kindly, guide me what are my chances of getting into the above institutions.

For Kenyon and Trinity, you are good, except for having a fairly low SAT, in their bottom 25%. With an acceptance rate in the mid 30% range they are both likely a low reaches.

Ohio Wesleyan is test optional, so you’re doing well, however, acceptance rates are about 30%, so it’s likely a high target.

You should check your school’s Naviance, to make sure.

I would recommend that you look at a couple more test-optional colleges, since your profile all seems very strong except for your SAT scores.

MWolf do admission committee take into account my circumstances that I have mentioned in my application.