Chances at LACs?

<p>I'm a rising senior and will be applying to mostly LACs next year. The problem is I'm not sure where I should be applying. I'm looking for full need if possible, and I'm willing to go anywhere geographically. (Small teacher to student ratio and writing emphasis please!)
uw ~ 3.2
w ~ 3.9
Decent rank.. top 20%
Rigorous schedule, mostly APs, honors, Dual enrollments.
I have terrible grades in math and science.. high in english and social sciences. I have several Ds in math classes which I have made up and are not in gpa but are quite obvious on my transcript
ACT: 33
SAT 1: CR: 800 W: 800 (MC: 800/Essay:12) Math: 600
Good ECs, volunteering, awards (NM qualifier, Ap awards, national essay & poetry contests).
White Male in Fl