Chances at Macalester

Hey all, thinking about applying to Macalester in the fall. Let me know my chances of getting in!

Intended Major: Economics

STATS: SAT; 1380 700M 680CRW, No subject tests, GPA: 3.7 UW (one of the top public school in the country, known for rigor, taken hardest classes offered at school)

EC’s: Interned at Fortune 500 Company,
Interned at High-end PR Firm,
Interned at Nationally Recognized Museum,
President of Best Buddies Chapter,
Started a Social Media Marketing Agency and amassed 700K social media followers for companies.
Then some minor EC’s like swim team and school store etc

I plan on interviewing with the Macalester rep in the fall, and am applying for Financial Aid

Hey I’m applying for the same major! Are you applying ED1?

Why are you interested in MAC? You stats looks a little low for MAC but if they saw you as a good fit, then you have a decent chance. Are you a good fit? How will you demonstrate that fit with your essays/interview?