Chances at Madison, Twin Cities, Northwestern

<p>How do i stand?</p>

<p>3.59 Unweighted GPA
32 ACT Score
Going into Senior Year
Public School in Wisconsin
Top 10% of Class
Have Taken 5 APs
NHS Treasurer, Student Body President, Intercity Student Council
Varsity Golf, All-Conference Football
Co-op as a Senior
60 Service Hours</p>

<p>Any other recommendations for other schools in midwest/northeast/cali? Looking to major in something in business field.</p>


and courses taken, except APs? got any college credit?
awards, local and national?</p>

psych, business, marketing, law, advanced language, physics.
I have three credits for MSOE from Project Lead the Way.</p>

<p>In at Madison and Twin Cities, rejected at Northwestern.</p>

<p>^ I concur.
Your chance of getting into Northwestern is slim considering your unimpressive GPA and lack of variety of ECs. Though I'd say the courses you selected are very difficult for many people. Well, it never harms to get a try! :)</p>