Chances at Michigan Engineering

<p>What are my chances at the engineering schools of the following schools: Michigan, Vanderbilt, Maryland, Lehigh, Illinois, Wisconsin?</p>

<p>White Jewish male
SAT: 2040 (M: 740, CR: 610, W: 690)
ACT: 31 (or 32 if they superscore)
SAT II's: 800 Math II
GPA: 3.1 unweighted, 4.0 weighted (i know it sucks)
public high school of 2500 kids
Rank: 68/519 (13%)
Essays: Pretty good
Recs: Amazing
I have taken all AP's and honors courses throughout high school.
AP Microeconomics: 3, AP Lang: 3, AP Stat: 3 (took as a sophomore)
Current course load: AP Physics C, AP Calc BC, AP Lit, AP Gov, Independent Study in Java Concepts
Extracurriculars: Captain of Math team (4 years), Treasurer of Jewish organization (4 years), witness on Mock Trial (2 years), JV wrestling (2 years), Varsity tennis (2 years), worked at an ice cream store for a year and at a pool club for a year
Attended an Introduction to Engineering program at Notre Dame this past summer</p>

<p>I really doubt you would get in OOS. Your GPA is way too low. </p>

<p>Treasurer of Jewish Organization made me giggle</p>

<p>Haha yes I see the irony. But thanks for your input anyway.</p>


<p>I'd say its a reach unless you have another kind of hook</p>

<p>Very unlikely, your ACT and SAT are both average or a little bit below average for COE. I've also never seen somebody with a GPA as low as a 3.1 get accepted into UMich. And you are OOS. Under a 10 percent chance.</p>