Chances at Middlebury EDI

<p>I'm thinking of applying EDI to Middlebury. What to you think my chances are?</p>

<p>ACT: Comp30 E31 M26 R34 S32
GPA: 4.07 (On 4.0 scale with .5 more for Honors classes 1 extra for AP classes)
Class Rank: Top 14% out of 700. It's a really competitive high school though. I know everyone says that their HS is competitive but mine really is I think. Every year lots of kids go to Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown etc...</p>

<p>Environmental Science AP-4
US History AP-4</p>

<p>Senior Year
AP Stats
AP English Literature
5 French Honors
AP Biology
AP European History</p>

<p>any SAT II's?</p>

<p>Its either the ACT or the SAT IIs.</p>

<p>No, I haven't taken any SAT II's.</p>

<p>I'de really appreciate any other comments. Also, if you are thinking of applying EDI, what are your stats?</p>

<p>My stats are on "Mid ED1 applicants unite". I believe I don't have a chance :(.</p>

<p>You have a really good GPA and Class Rank. Thats a lot more important than test scores at Midd i think...if thats why you think you don't have a chance.</p>

<p>I just call an admissions officer, she was quite nice.. She said that basically I needed to make my Witting SAT hit the mid 600s and I'll be standing a descent chance. Aparently they don't weight that much of an importance to the the "Activity essay" and she said that a good essay on my gap year could be very possitive.</p>

<p>Hello?? Is anyone else applying to Middlebury???</p>

<p>Me me me ! :) But I'm applying Regular. It's on the top of my RD list though. <em>dreams of myself at Midd</em></p>

<p>I'm also applying to Middlebury, either ED II or RD. :)</p>

<p>I just got my Early October ACT scores. My highest comp is 30, but if you recalculate my comp with my highest subscores, I have a 32. Does anyone know if Middlebury recalculates ACT scores.</p>