Chances at MIT and UChicago?

<p>Asian male in strong CT high school</p>

3.88 GPA – 17.86 QPA (highest in school is 18.3)
Our school doesn’t rank but I'm guessing guessing 5-7 out of 383.</p>

I’s – 1570, 800M, 770V
II’s – 800’s on Writing, IIC and Chemistry</p>

Last year I took:
Calc BC – 5
US History – 5
Comp Sci. AB – 5</p>

<p>This year taking:
Spanish Literature
Physics C

Track and Field/Cross Country – JV, did it for 4 years
Computer Science Club – Founder
Volunteered about 250 hours at Yale New Haven hospital over the summer, Served on the leadership board this past summer
Newspaper section editor
Math team for three years
Chess club for 4 years
National Spanish honors society
National Honors society</p>

National Merit Semi-finalist (score 235)
11th annual GE Connecticut Computer Science Contest – 1st place
Harvard book award (scholarship, character, the usual)
Brown book award (best English student in class of 2005)
Society of Women Engineers Award (Don’t laugh, I think it was for Math/Science abilities or something like that)
Continental Math League Computer Science Contest Award
2003-2004 Amity Computer Science Award</p>

I’d say they’re pretty strong, but not amazing.</p>

I think they’ll be very strong.</p>

I help a small pharmaceutical research company in New Haven with their computer systems and networks. Basically an IT tech support position.</p>

<p>What are my chances at:
Chicago (EA)</p>



<p>you have a great chance at both schools. MIT, Id say youre in RD.</p>

<p>Heh, thanks a lot, both of you. If I get deffered and then accepted RD by MIT, I will be infinitely happy.</p>