Chances at MIT,Caltech

<p>Hi, I am applying to MIT and Caltech as my top choices. I am also applying to Northwestern, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, and Probably Washington University, Cornell and U of Rochester as well. Here are my stats</p>

<p>SAT I: 1480
Math 780
Verbal 700</p>

<p>SAT II:
Writing 700
Chemistry 750
Math IIC 800
World History 710</p>

<p>High School:
1st in class of 460
GPA unweighted 3.96 weighted 5
will have completed 13 AP classes by end of senior year, so far passed 7 of them with 6 5's and 1 4</p>

President of MAO/math club
Founder/President of chess club
NHS member, on brainbrawl team
Was in drama as both actor/technician in 9th and 10th grade (switched schools so no more after in new school)
Swim/Water polo team - although im a noob, and i suck at it =)</p>

<p>Other stuff
Volunteer through synagouge feeding the homeless
I am bilingual/binational (French-American)</p>

<p>So what are my chances? Am I aiming too high? I want to go into
biochemical engineering and/or physics. Are there any other schools i should consider applying to? Thanks in advance</p>

<p>I almost forgot to mention that in the 2004 summer btw junior/senior year i was at a 2 month Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida. It is supposedly very selective (you dont just pay to go) as the only take 100 kids from florida. I basically did lab work/ heard lectures from UF science profs and submitted a research paper at the end of the summer. I know they like seeing research/summer stuff ..just forgot to mention it hehe. Also previous summer i spent a month studying at the Alliance Franaise in Paris (Comme j'ai daja dit, je suis Franais) and the year before that traveling in France/Italy. Does this change any def "no's" to def "yes's" ?? thx</p>

<p>'i spent a month studying at the Alliance Franaise in Paris </p>

<p>Your stats look great, I think you have more than a fair chance at most of your universities, the research is definitely a plus. How are your essays?</p>

<p>any other opinions out htere?</p>