chances at MIT, JHU, ivies for asian female

<p>Asian female from Long Island, NY.
Prospective major: neuroscience and premed
GPA: 96.5 (unweighted), 98.0 (weighted)
Rank: Top 10% out of ~350</p>

<p>SAT I: 1550 (800M 750V)
Chemistry - 790
Math IC - 770
World History - 760
Writing - 740
Math IIC score pending - expecting 750+</p>

5's on European History, U.S. History, Psychology, Statistics, Chemistry, English Language
Currently taking: Spanish, Calculus BC, Biology, Physics B, English Literature, U.S. Government and Politics
Took Survey in Cognitive Psychology at local state college.</p>

Mathletes (10-12)
Science Olympiads (10-12)
Free the Children (11-12; secretary, project coordinator; bought and sent llamas to impoverished villages in Chile)
Amnesty International (10-12)
Spanish Honor Society (10-12)
National Honor Society (11-12)
Viola (10 years)
Orchestra (9-10, 12)</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (Summer 1998 - Summer 2002)
Science research at University of Iowa's Secondary Student Training Program (Summer 2003)
Science research at Michigan State University's High School Honors Science Program (Summer 2004)
Entered Siemens-Westinghouse Competition
Will enter research paper into Intel Science Talent Search.</p>

National Merit Semifinalist (12)
Suffolk County Mathletes Top Scorer 5th Place (11)
Suffolk County All-Star Team - participated in ARML (11)
St. Michael’s College Book Award for Service and Scholarship (11)
National Spanish Exam – Level IV - 3rd Place in Suffolk County (11)
National Latin Exam – Introductory Level – First Place in District (11)
SCMEA (Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association) String Festival - Viola (9-10)
LISFA (Long Island String Festival Association) - Viola (9) (Is this worth mentioning?)
expected AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
100+ Hours at Local Soup Kitchen (I've volunteered there since 7th grade but it's only once a month.)
50+ Hours at Hospital (11-12)
Tutoring (I tutor a girl in chemistry, and I help a kid who just moved to the US from Taiwan with history and English.)</p>

<p>My recommendations will highlight my three passions: psychology, science research, and service.</p>

<p>Please evaluate my chances for the follow schools:
Johns Hopkins
Cornell (CALS - instate applicant)

<p>Thank you!!</p>

<p>Good chance at MIT
Incredible chance at JHU</p>

<p>The research looks awesome for MIT(I entered Siemens and am entering Intel as well). The ECs look a little weak in the sense that you have no completely four year ECs. The leadership and awards are both OK. None the less, your numbers are pretty good (what's your exact 10% out of 350 is a little eh). </p>

<p>Ah not like I am any authority or anything, I'm applying EA as well to MIT and don't know if I even have a chance lol. Good luck anyways. The "girl" factor should help you out at MIT.</p>

<p>LMAO LMAO i'm sorry, llamas!!!!</p>

<p>That just sounds like such resume-padding.</p>

<p>But of course, your profile looks great, you've got a better shot than I do at MIT EA :P</p>

<p>I just put the llamas there b/c I wasn't sure if many people knew what Free the Children did. I probably won't put the llamas part on my application. I do spend a lot of time and effort into that club though and besides, I love llamas - they're my favorite animals. :P</p>

<p>Pebbles, good luck as a fellow MIT EA female applicant. Hopefully, we'll both get in!</p>

<p>Thanks for the comments everyone!</p>

<p>Streetlight - My school doesn't rank. They only give top n%.</p>

<p>Thank you :) And same to you</p>

<p>bump - How are my chances at the schools listed above other than MIT and JHU?</p>

<p>your scores, extracurriculars will be similar to many of the students applying to the ivies...write a good essay :)</p>


<p>I wouldnt hold back the llamas. It's a great catch. Certain to brighten up the routines for adcom. Enjoy your freshman yr at MIT.</p>

<p>Add having a paper submitted for publication in a journal to my stats. Does that make a significant difference (especially at MIT)?</p>