Chances At Mit/tech/ucb

Central Cali</p>

<p>Scores: Old SAT (780M, 690V), New SAT (760M, 690CR, 740W- 12/12 essay)</p>

<p>SAT 2: 800 Biology E/M, taking math I/II in may</p>

<p>AP tests: ap biology (5), ap enviro (3, self study) both sophomore year, this year i have ap: chem, psych, calc bc, english lang, span, ush</p>

<p>KHS Math Team- 4 years
U.S.A.B.O. Semifinalist (hopefully finalist)
AMC 12- 98.5
Academic Decathlon (Honors) 3rd place overall score regionally.
KHS Jazz Band (4 Years, 1st chair trombone)
California State Spelling Bee 5th place
Interact Club (Rotary type thing)
Kerman Rotary Club Essay Contest Winner ($500)
California Scholarship Federation (3 years)
KHS JV Soccer('02-'03-'04)MVP 2003-2004
KHS Varsity Soccer ('04-'05)</p>

<p>at PRSATS i am adidasty
if you want to see more.</p>

<p>what do you think my chances for UCB, MIT, and Caltech are? thanks in advance!</p>


<p>just bumping to bump.</p>

<p>i am also doing a research project with UC San Francisco medical school this summer...only 8 people were given mentors so it was pretty selective...</p>

<p>Sorry I can't help you, but how long did you study for Bio SATII?</p>

<p>I want to get an 800 so badly. I believe you said that you read Campbells a couple times. Tips?</p>

<p>Also, I know about animal cells, but in plant cells- Where does the Spindle Apparatus originate from?</p>

<p>yeah campbells is my baby. of course, animal cell spindles form from the centrioles but since plants lack centrioles...too bad for them. they do, however, have an MTOC or Microtubule Organizing Center which is where the spindle originates from for them. and remember than although plants have no centrioles, they still have centrosome.</p>

<p>anyone have help with me chances?</p>


<p>that's pretty cool, I was a bio semifinalist too. Though, it seems it'll be a while till they get results out, because the coordinator needs to hand-grade that whole written portion. -_-</p>

<p>you seem like a cool kid. hello! i don't know your chances, as I too am a junior.</p>

<p>yeah thanks daveed. biology rules!</p>

<p>GPA and stuff?</p>

<p>4.0 gpa UW, 5.0 W</p>

<p>1/374 rank</p>

<p>Check the MIT / Caltech website - I think one or the other wants either the physics or chemistry SAT II. </p>

<p>You have a shot at the techs so go for it. I don't do UC chances - your class rank is awfully good, though!!!</p>

<p>Discuss the money issue with your 'rents if you haven't already done so - it will help you determine your safeties.</p>

<p>thanks for the input ohio_mom!</p>

<p>those seem awfully good to me. I think you would have a good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>that rocks, maybe i'll see you at school. </p>

<p>speaking of the physics sat ii... well, it's not hard. haha, your amc 12 score looks fine, you should have no trouble getting an 800 on that.</p>

<p>UCB should be no problem since they admit a lot more people.
So far I think MIT and Caltech are still a reach though.</p>

<p>cool deal guys. hmmm, about physics SAT 2...i havent taken physics (ill take it senior year while im taking mutiv. calc./diff. eq.), but if they provide formulae on the exam then it might not be THAT bad...</p>

<p>any more input would be appreciated. i know those tech schools are kind of a crap shoot...but you guys think my scores are good enough if i can write some really exceptional essays and get good recs?</p>

<p>I got into MIT this year, and I'm on the Caltech waitlist.</p>

<p>I think you're fine. You seem to have a lot of initiative. Make sure you show (not brag about) that in your app. Your GPA/rank is awesome. Make sure you do well on APs (mostly 5s is good) and your SATIIs (upper 700s is good). Your research project will help a lot. Make sure your essays are unique (not stupid/crazy) and express YOU. You have about as good a chance as I did...the rest is just what happens.</p>

<p>seriously, you don't need any "formula". well, i guess if you haven't taken it yet, it might be a little tough. </p>

<p>what do you think about your chances at bio olympiad?<br>
I recently discovered that even if I made it, I won't be able to go to camp because
:-D I made the US Physics Olympiad team
tehe sorry excited, the cut of 24 people(it's basically same thing as the bio camp, but physics-oriented) gets me excited</p>

<p>but, seriously, good luck with everything. I believe, if you check out some websites or sat II prep books, you will learn everything you need for the test.</p>

<p>I was accepted this year to MIT, and to me it seemed like they were looking for two things when they read your app. The first was strong academics, which you obviously have. But I know that a lot of people much smarter than me were waitlisted or even rejected. actually, you probably fall in the category of people smarter than me too ;-) the only things that could probably improve your app academically is to raise your cr score to above 700, but that's really a minor detail and i doubt they would even care. In fact, if you read matt mcgann's blog, he will tell you how much small things like that don't matter.</p>

<p>the second thing they look for is personality. after i was admitted, they sent me so much stuff (the cutest, nerdiest cards for valentine's day, winter, etc) saying that they had only admitted unique individuals. ie, don't write about your research project for the essay; write about your hobby. when they ask you what you do for fun, do not write about something that isn't fun.</p>

<p>hope that helps ;-)</p>

<p>prolly in at ucb, dont know abt the other two.</p>

<p>right on cool, thanks a bunch for your input guys. yeah i will have to write pretty good essays. i plan to practice some personal essays this summer to get used to writing unique and captivating essays.
littleone- yeah i will try to put emphasis on my personality for the essays, that is a pretty good idea. 123- i agree with expressing initiative while being as unpretentious as possible...thats definitely a good thought.</p>

<p>daveed- congratulations (big time to like the fortieth power) on making it to the us phys. olympiad. thats way awesome and that will SERIOUSLY benefit you in applying to any of the colleges you choose!</p>