Chances at MIT, UCLA,Yale, Harvard, Boston..


<p>My SAT 2 scores r great:800,800,780.(math, french, physics)</p>


<p>My SAT 1 scores are depressing:540v,730m.</p>

<p>Plz tel me wat I shud do: retake the SAT 1 or take the SAT 2 writing which is required by 2 of the 7 unis (UCLA n Columbia) I've applied. </p>

<li>Do u know abt any SAT 2 writing online course???</li>

<p>if ur a senior and uve turned in ur application for UCLA, december was the last date for SAT's</p>

<p>but if ur not, a good SAT 2 writing online course would be for practice tests and, although its not online, a good aid for the sat ii writing would be the princeton review's SAT II Writing book</p>


<p>Assuming you are a California resident, and have a decent GPA/ECs,</p>

<p>MIT: Reach
UCLA: Match
Yale: Reach
Harvard: Reach
Boston (College?): Match
Boston (University?): Safe Match
Columbia: Reach</p>

<p>Just zat... am in fact a high school senior but am alwayz "late" with everything coz am so bad at taking decisions. C, jan 22 is only a couple of weeks ahead n i've still nt made up my mind whether to take SAT1 or SAT2 writing. Anyway, am jus giving myself a last chance for the jan 22 test. Who knows? UCLA might give me a place after all?!</p>