chances at mostly CA schools...

<p>i'm a junior at a pretty well-respected school in southern california (IUSD school district)</p>

<p>10-12 GPA: 4.14ish (projected) uw: 3.7-3.8
9-12 GPA W: 3.9 UW: 3.66 (i totally screwed up freshman year...good thing is i have an upward trend)
-most rigorous courses taken...
PSAT: 208
SAT: 2090 (definitely a retake...i'm aiming for a 2250-2300, and i'm pretty confident about getting it)
SAT II's: taking in may; i think i'll get around 750s in both US and PHysics and i'll take the math 2c in fall
RANK: our school doesn't rank but i think i'm top 10%. not sure though</p>

<p>EC's- i know they are pretty weak
-school newspaper (2 years)
-JSA board member
-MUN member
-Red Cross member
-Orchestra each year (we won a grammy for musical excellence or whatever last year)
-i perform indian classical music..i've been doing this for 10 plus years so hopefully thatll add some weight (i do both vocal and violin..i'll probably stress this in my essays)
-i'm going to carnegie hall with a select group of students from my school to perform...
community service
work experience</p>

Stanford (i know this is an almost impossible reach but i wana know if i still have any chance even with my horrendous gpa)
University of Michigan Ann-Arbor
Claremont McKenna</p>

<p>and any other suggestions for an undergrad business program? </p>

<p>thanks a lot guys</p>

<p>edit- i had a question grandfather suffered a stroke when he was visiting us..that impacted myself and my family greatly, and i was burdened with numerous responsibilities while my parents toook care of my grandpa..should i include this in my essays, etc. or not?</p>



<p>UCB: Match
UCLA: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
Stanford: Reach
Michigan: Match
UPenn: Slight Reach
NYU: Match
Claremont McKenna: Safe Match</p>

<p>wow thanks!!...anyone else?</p>


<p>I would say UCB and UCLA might be slight reaches - UCs are pretty numbers-driven, I'm told, so the SAT score might be a bit important. Beyond that UCSD should be a pretty safe match.</p>

<p>i see...........haha do i have any shot at all at any ivy's?</p>

UCB - reach 35%
UCLA - reach 30%
UCSD - match 60%
Stanford - longshot 10%
University of Michigan Ann-Arbor - slight reach 40%
Upenn - reach 25%</p>

<p>hmm...i see, what should i do to improve my chances into berk? i reallly want to go there</p>

<p>right now, it seems from CC board that lower range sat (1300-1410) and lower GPA (3.8-4.0) got accepted to berkeley while many high scores got rejected. so who knows, so random. my friend got rejected from UCSD with 1550/4.5GPA/greatECs but accepted into harvard.</p>

<p>weird, i ahte how college admissions can be so damn random</p>

<p>Berkeley, this is the impression I got, is all about grades (primarily). Meaning, they overlook kids w/ high test scores if your grades aren't up to par. </p>

<p>UCLA, however, is not like that.</p>

<p>Your grades & SAT are perfectly acceptable for both schools, although neither school is a sure thing. I would say they are matches...</p>

<p>Just a guess:
UCLA (60%)
Berkeley (50%)</p>

<p>For some perspective, Berkeley admits about 40% w/ a 2090. Your grades, etc are above average, hence the 50%.</p>

<p>I have a little more concrete info for UCLA. For your test scores, UCLA will admit about 45-50%. The average GPA (this is UC 10th/11th GPA) for these kids in this SAT range is a 4.07. Your 4.14 is slightly better than this, your EC's are good, hence the 60%</p>

<p>Stanford will be roughly 10-15%. Penn 25%. Excluding UCSD, I would assume the rest are in the same general range as Berkeley/UCLA, but I could be wrong. UCSD will be fairly safe for you...but make sure you apply to even lower UC's as a safety for your safety (UCI, etc.)</p>

<p>Hope that helps. I consider myself good at crunching numbers, maybe someday I'll learn to read (790M, 600R). Good luck to you!</p>

<p>"For some perspective, Berkeley admits about 40% w/ a 2090"</p>

<p>I am going to get torn apart for this. This is for a 1400 last yr; a 1400 & 2090 will be comparable.</p>

<p>hmm..yeah, my SAT scores were muhc lower than expected</p>

<p>i will be retaking it, and i'm aiming for 2200 +</p>

<p>if i do indeed reach my goal, would my chances at berk improve drastically.. or is it still a 50-50 thing?</p>

<p>and about penn and stanford, am i pretty muhc hopeles?? or is there anything i can do?</p>

<p>thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate it!!</p>


<p>yo, dont even worry abotu your freshman GPA becuz it doesnt even count. Flopsy's prediction is on the money</p>

<p>really work on your ECs...the UC system seriously stresses extra cirricular stuff...more so than the SAT in many cases. You need some leadership positions..just being a member of a club doesn't mean much to admissions people because anyone can join a club. Try to become an editor for journalism and try to get on board for Red Cross or one of the other clubs. Other than that keep up the grades and you should be fine. Don't put all your eggs in one (ok 9) basket though because sooo many kids don't get into these good schools..make sure you have some safeties. But go for UCB if it's your dream (or Stanford)!</p>

<p>sweet guys, thanks a lot!</p>

<p>penn will probably be extremely tough since you're interested in business (i'm assuming you'll apply to wharton). just get those sat scores up and maintain/improve your grades</p>