Chances at NorthEASTERN University?

<p>In Boston?</p>

<p>Acce[ts 40-50%</p>

-Top 10% percentile of class
-Low family income
-First generation college student</p>

-3.95 first semester junior year (high probable I will get a 3.95 this semester as well)
-3.85 GPA overall
-AP Courses (Taken, and planning to take):
Junior year:
AP Literature
AP U.S. History
Senior year:
AP Language
AP Calc
AP Bio
AP Chem (self study + teacher aid)
-SAT: 1720 first time, 1870 second time (planning to take it a third time and jump up to the 2000's)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
-President of Key Club (150+hours)
-President of National honor society (150+hours)
-President of Sports Medicine Club
-Vice President of Junior Class Student Body
-President (2010), V.President (2009) of Community Church Youth Group
-Praise Leader @ Community Church
-Bible Study Teacher
-Concert Choir
-Track and Field 2009 Varsity</p>

-Masonics Most Oustanding Junior Scholarship Winner
-Participant of Real live-action DNA lab
-Winner of the Project Hope 6 week medical internship
-Many student of the month awards in the overall school, and in career-technical education</p>

<p>Thanks guys.</p>

<p>You're pretty much in. From what I know of NE, they really care a lot more about GPA/course difficulty and ECs (which are your strong points) than test scores.</p>

<p>Thanks! I appreciate it :)</p>