Chances at Northwestern University?

<p>Hi I'm applying ED to Northwestern! I'll take any input I can get! Here goes:</p>

<p>I'm a senior at a public high school of 3500 kids in chicago's nw burbs. I've been taking the most rigorous courseload all 4 years, with an exception of concert band. (My school does not offer honors elective classes).</p>

<p>ACT: 29, 11-essay
Verbal: 590
Math: 740
Writing: 600</p>

<p>Class ranking: 10 of 714
GPA:4.5881-weighted. (4.0 for reg A, 5.0 for honors A)</p>

<p>I'm apart of a special gifted program at my school for math and science, called the academy.</p>

<p>Freshman yr:
Acad. Hon Alg 3-4- A, A
Acad. Hon Chem1-2- A, A
Acad Integrated Tech- A, B
Acad CAD/ Electricity- A, A
Honors Freshman Eng- B, A
Jazz Band- A, A
Physical Ed- A, A</p>

<p>Sophomore yr:
Varsity Band- A, A
Soph Hon Eng- A, C
Acad Integrated Tech- A, A
Acad CAD/ Electricy- A, A
AP Statistics- B, A
Acad Hon Physics 1-2- A, A
P.E. Health- A, A</p>

<p>Junior yr:
Acad Hon Biology 1-2- A, A
Acad Hon AP Calc A- A, A
Acad Hon Integrated Tech- A, A
AP Hon Junior English- B, A
Symphonic Band- A, A
AP US History- A, A</p>

<p>Senior yr:
AP Hon Civics/ Econ
AP Hon Senior English
Acad Hon Integrated Tech
AP Hon Calc BC
AP Chemistry3-4
Symphonic Band
AP world History</p>

Language and Composition- 3</p>

Marching Band for 4 years
Concert Band for 4 years
KEY Club International- coordinater, 3 years
Upstate 8 mathletes participant- 4 years
Math tutor center- couple of hours per week
Class council- 3 years</p>

<p>Summer Activities
volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and public Library. Averaged a couple of hours a week.</p>

<p>Participated in a summer program at Northwestern University during summer of 2005:
College Preparation Program. Took 2 college classes and got credit for them</p>

<p>Psychology 314- B+
College Writing Tutorial- pass</p>

<p>Due to the district's financial cutbacks, I had to take classes at the community college to fulfill foreign language requirements for my back up schools.</p>

<p>Took college classes at nearby community college:
FLS Spanish 101- B ( 1 semester)
Leadership class- A</p>

<p>No special awards or anything :(</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Public Library. (shelver) since august of 2004. average about 15 hours per week</p>

<p>I'm expecting good recs...and HOPEFULLY good essays!</p>

<p>Well, thats everything. Besides a couple of blemishes on my transcript and mediocre standardized test scores, what are my chances!!!!!! </p>

<p>I dont want sugar coated harsh if you have to be. i want the truth. thanks so much!</p>

<p>come on guys! BUMP</p>

<p>33 views and no responses??? c'mon guys, any input is welcome!!


<p>Scores are sort of low for NW.</p>

<p>Ecs are a bit lacking...</p>

<p>But, I have to say, I am no judge and I am not as good as you......</p>

<p>should i even bother reporting my sat scores? or will that hurt me more than help me?</p>