chances at notre dame/ northwestern

<p>Hey! I already have two reach schools, Notre Dame and Northwestern. I know these may not be realistic and I would like some matches because my other schools are pretty much safeties.</p>

<p>1400 SAT 760-v 640-m
3.83 GPA Unweighted
All honors and APS
I've taken every AP class at my school except AP Chem, but I a taking two science classes this year to make up for it and one is running start
rank is 8% not a competitive school standard public</p>

track 4yrs
cross country 4yrs
teen advisory council
ASB Secretary (12)
link crew
youth group
french club
theater 9 and 12 grades</p>

food bank
children's museum
lots of hours with political campaigns last year for local mayor this year for presidential and senatorial race</p>

<p>English and history are my best subjects and I know I can write essays that are up to par, also my uncle went to notre dame
So do I have a chance at my reach schools? What are some realistic matches?</p>

<p>not sure about NW, but you have a good shot at ND... i just applied Early Action with a 1460/4.2/ok ec's/great recs/alright essay... the only thing is you're class rank.. if you say you're school isnt competitive, i'm sure colleges know that too. ND is an awesome school!</p>

<p>Thanks for your input. You're right ND is an awesome school. Good Luck to us both:)</p>

<p>does anyone else know what my chances are?</p>

<p>I'd say pretty decent.. I'm somewhat similar to you I have a 1470 (780m 690v) rank 10/221 5% 3.893 GPA will graduate with 8 AP credits. I'm also senior class vice president along with a lot of other involvement. I'm going to be applying RD though.. ND is my #1 choice.</p>

<p>Might want to look at Holy Cross or Villanova. Holy Cross is stronger in academics than Villanova. Good athletic program at HC.</p>