Chances at NYU Abu Dhabi

Hello all! I’m trying to get raw chances for various schools to finalize my application list; cost at this point can be assumed as a null factor in my application process but will obviously be considered heavily once I have to make a decision. I’m very interested in the programs at NYU Abu Dhabi, particularly the Arab Crossroads major with a minor in Arabic.

Objective stats:
ACT composite: 33
SAT: 2100, not submitting
GPA: 4.67-4.7 on school scale. Our weighting is bizarre, so just know that I got one B+ in sophomore year chemistry and straight A+s junior year.
School does not rank students
Courses and rigor: All honors classes with a particular focus on languages and the humanities (Arabic, Japanese, Russian, and German), APs include AP German (5), APUSH, AP Lang, AP Lit. APES, AP Gov, as well as several dual-enrollment college courses, including Calculus I, Photography, Advanced Math Modeling, and my senior research seminar on Gender and Cultural Studies in the Middle East and North Africa

Subjective things:

-President of Arabic Language Club, T.A. in Beginning Arabic class junior year, also spearheading a possible collaborative project between my school and an organization for arts education in Sahrawi refugee camps
-Volunteer translator and ESL teacher for young Arabic-speaking immigrants in my area through an after-school program
-Director of Logistics at school’s student-run Model Congress conference (2 years), current Director of Outreach and External Relations for the conference
-Treasurer of Model Congress club
-Chair of Education and Outreach for school’s LiNK Rescue Team
-singer in school a capella group
-Girl Scout with upwards of five years experience as a program guide and counselor
-Independent singer/songwriter

-Private math tutor 5 days per week during the school year

-Inducted member of German, Japanese NHS with likely enrollment in English, Russian, Math, Science, and History NHSes senior year
-Recipient of National Security Language Initiative for Youth scholarship, Arabic 2015. I travelled to Morocco over the summer to study Arabic intensively through this State Dept. funded program and had the time of my life.

My main narrative for my application (inchallah) will hinge on my absolute passion for and love of the Arabic language and my experiences with cultural exchange, so that hopefully my less-than-stellar Chem grade and ACT will become less important. Thanks for any and all help, as we say in Arabic, alf shukr!

Hey! I’m a student at NYU AD and I would imagine that you have a pretty good chance of getting in. I would bet that you’ll at least be invited to a candidate weekend if your essay is written well. That’s where it all really depends on your personality and interpersonal communication skills. Anyways, from my brief look at this post I think you have a fair shot.

Best of luck!