Chances at NYU Stern, Columbia, Tufts?

<p>I think all of these school are reaches for me but I'm feeling kinda anxious, what do people feel my chances are?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.62 for all 4 HS years (but 3.92 for junior and 4.15 so far senior year)
SAT: 1530/1600 (M: 780 CR:750) SAT II's: Math II: 730 Physics: 690
EC's: Wrestling team (2 yrs)
Part time job (20 hrs/week for the last year)
Church youth group (4 yrs)
Mixed Martial Arts Club (2 yrs)
Elementary school tutoring (2 yrs)
Connect and Commit Community Service Club
Altar Boy (since i was in like 3rd grade)
current classes:AP Calc BC, AP Physics, Masterpieces of Western Literature (H), AP Stats, Spanish 5 (H), Micro and Macro Economics (H)
other info: Hispanic male born in Colombia but raised in a city a few miles north of downtown Boston
i declined to see my recommendations but I trust that the teachers who wrote them for me did a good job
thanks for everyone who comments!</p>

<p>they require you to take the SAT out of 2400</p>

<p>He did take SAT out of 2400. Math and CR are the ones most considered.</p>

<p>i got a 2260 out of 2400, my writing score was 730</p>