Chances at Oberlin

<p>Actually I didn't, I'm not even applying, I'm just trying to get people's attention. I was wondering how important having a legacy is in getting into Oberlin. Would I have a chance with a 1370 SAT and a 3.38 GPA with a rigorous curriculum. Oh yeah, I'm Asian and a first generation college student.</p>

<p>I am not responding to this.</p>

<p>yes, actually. yes you are. that is exactly what you are doing.</p>

<p>damn you got served</p>

<p>In saying that you're not responding, you have just responded Hoo_29</p>

<p>its a pretty low thing to do posting fake titles.</p>

<p>Come on. A sense of humor has to be worth something, even on a message board like this.</p>

<p>That'll help, but I don't know a lot about Oberlin.</p>

<p>What. Are you guys all fundamentalists? In saying that he "wasn't responding," he meant that he didn't wish to answer the OP's question. Of course, in doing so, he literally responded, but that's not that point he was trying to make.</p>

<p>Pandas smell bad.</p>

<p>hey who changed the title?</p>

<p>your question still hasnt been answered and i doubt it ever will</p>