Chances at Penn College

<p>Chances at UPenn College </p>


<p>Hey guys</p>

<p>White Male NJ</p>

<p>SAT 1450 760M 690V
IIC - 680
Physics - 670
Spanish - 660
Writing - 730</p>

<p>GPA 93.8 at top HS in NJ
unranked (approx 60 kids in class)</p>

<p>Courses are all supposedly considered honors
No Aps really, but we are allowed to take tests</p>

<p>Senior year courses include: (block scheduling)
Spanish Composition and Conversation
Java Programming
Chemistry II
English IV</p>

President Founder of Business Club
Editor of the school newspaper
Work every weekend with children affected by ADD
model un
key club
chem league </p>

<p>Applying ED thanks</p>

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<p>To be honest it sounds a bit light. Your SATs are ok but the SAT IIs are only okay. ECs sound good - any sports? Have you taken any APs? How does your school usually fare at Penn?</p>

<p>school offers no sports nor APs.This year ill be taking stats, english, calc, spanish, i know it doesnt matter. We are kinda random, two years ago 4/60 kids accepted and matriculated into Penn. Last year i believe 1/60 but that one decided not to matriculate. Competition is tight this year, four kids applying ED along with me. So what are your thoughts?</p>

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<p>youre gpa seems pretty low for having such an easy curriculum. having only a 94 with no ap's is not gonna look so hot. even though your school doesnt offer aps you should have either taken the AP exams or taken local college classes to enhance that curriculum. </p>

<p>your EC's are really typical, but i guess you have two leaderships positions, so that ok, but otherwise very average. </p>

<p>your SAT I scores are great, but you SAT II's arent so good. id say you have maybe a 25% chance to get in. maybe less. you just seem really average and like you havent challenged youreslf academically</p>

<p>see you don't know my schools curriculum. I go to a vocational school. Our average SAT score is 1380 this year. The courses, if anything, are much harder than an average high school's courseload. It truly is challenging, and is often compared with that of college classes. I do agree with you that the SAT II's are a bit low, however, but whats done is done. hopefully UPENN will recognize my high school, as they have been random with my school's applicants in the past. Thanks for your reply</p>

<p>since youre classes are so good, maybe they were equivalent in caliber to an AP. did you take any AP exams?</p>

<p>what are the stats of other kids at your school applying? I think you might be competing with them since your school is that small.</p>

<p>my school only offers 4 AP tests of which I can take this year.
4 others applying...
One kid is just overall better than me...1500 SAT 700 avg SAT IIs 97.99 GPA</p>

<p>The other 3 are toss ups</p>

<p>You think they will take more than 1 ED?</p>