Chances at Penn ED? and RD?

<p>Hi guys :D
I'm a senior in high school applying for Fall 2011 admission, and I really like Penn, but I also like a couple of other schools, and I'm not sure as to whether or not I should ED to Penn.
What do you guys think my chances are of getting in, both regular and ED?
Thanks in advance </p>

<p>-SAT Scores:
-Superscore: 780 CR, 800 Math, 760 Writing (2340)
-Best 1 Test: 780 CR, 800 Math, 760 Writing (2290)
-SAT II's: 800 Math II, 770 Bio, 770 Chem, 730 US History</p>

<p>-GPA: (100 pt scale)
-Unweighted: 94.682
-Weighted: 99.962
-3.9 on a 4 pt scale</p>

<p>-Class Rank

<p>-Course Load:
-Took hardest courses possible all years (not allowed to take AP's til 11th at my school)
-11th Grade: AP English Lit, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Calc AB, AP US History
-12th Grade: AP English Lang, AP Gov, AP Physics, AP Stat, Allied Health(take courses at a hospital)
-Also took AP French and AP Calc BC online</p>

<p>-AP Tests:
-Bio: 5, Chem: 5, Calc AB: 5</p>

-Varsity Tennis (9,10,11,12), Captain (11,will be 12)
Also plays tennis for the USTA, ranked #4 in Philadelphia
-Violin (9,10,11,12)
Piano (9,10)
-Summer Internship at Wills Eye Hospital with Dr. George Spaeth, #2 glaucoma physician in US. Conducted a clinical research study, will be published in a medical journal in 2011/2012.
-Volunteer at local hospital: 160 hours put in so far
-Cambridge Summer program (9): took Medical science and international business courses at Cambridge University in Cambridge, UK
-Future Business Leaders of America Club (9,10,11,12): Treasurer (10), VP (11), Pres (12), Made the state competition 2 years running. Placed 10th in state (10)
-Save-A-Life Club (10,11,12): Treasurer (11) President (12)
-National Honors Society Member
-Part-time job at Kumon Tutoring Center (9,10,11,12): Has been working for 7 years, over 2200 hours worked.</p>

<p>-Essays: Good/Great. Commonapp essay is about the internship at Will's Eye and how it has affected my life due to my grandmother's diagnosis with glaucoma and subsequent blindness (all true)</p>

<p>-Teacher Recs: Haven't read. Should be great. One's from AP Chem teacher, and the last is from my 10th grade English teacher. I have a great relationship with both of them</p>

<p>-Counselor Rec: Should be amazing. My counselor has told me I'm the best student she's had.</p>

<p>-School Type: Public School (Methacton High School)</p>

<p>-Ethnicity: Indian</p>

<p>-Gender: Male</p>

<p>-Major Strength/Weakness: Great grades, amazing math scores (99 averages), but relatively low class rank; I have an amazingly smart class..</p>

<p>Chances please! Thanks in advance guys!</p>

<p>If you want to apply ED to multiple schools, you shouldn't be applying to any of them ED.</p>

<p>A fair point, Basajaun. I've been thinking about applying ED to help me get in.</p>

<p>How do you think I'll do regular decision?</p>

<p>I think you would have a really good chance at either one. The only thing that might hurt you is your an ORM. Also, if financial aide is a factor and Penn is not your dream school i would not apply ED</p>