Chances at Penn Engineering?

<p>meh. following suit.</p>

<p>Chinese-American, Ca</p>

1550 math 800, verbal 750</p>

math iic 800
physics 800
writing 730 (wtf, mate. what crappened here?!)</p>

weighted 4.2/4
unweighted 3.6/4 (and here?!!)</p>

Physics honors (physics AP-B)
Phyiscs AP C 5
Calculus AP-BC 5
Biology AP 5
Literature honors (English Language AP 3)</p>

<p>Senior courses (all at community college):
Macroenomics (current)
English 1b (current)
French 1 (current)
Beginning Ceramics (current)</p>

<p>Computer Science (will take, but don't know which language yet)
Poli Sci 1 (will take)
French 4-6 (will take)
Advanced Ceramics (will take)</p>

Boy Scouts (9-12) Eagle Scout (basically done) in winter 04, Senior management of troop
SB Youth Orchestra (9-12) second violins section head 2years, 1st violins
Tzu Chi Youth Group (9-12) youth group leader, basically your average cultural service group
Badminton (wtf is this?!) Team (9-12) varsity 3 years, junior varsity captain/assitant coach 2 years
Walden West Camp Counselor (10 -12) one week counseling for 6th graders in a science camp
EFC Camp Counselor (11) month long camp in Taiwan to help impoverished children learn english
Delphi School Coach (12) twice a week coach k-6 children soccer and other sports</p>

National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist (12)
NCKUAA Scholarship (father's alumni- somewhat silly but going to put on anyway) (12)
AP Scholar Distinciton (11)
CA Governor's Award (they stopped this after 10th grade)(9-10)
California Scholarship Foundation (9-12)
AMC 12 Honorable Mention (10)</p>

<p>yo, how does ur school weight ur gpa's?</p>

<p>err aps/honors one extra point until a limit of 4 or 5? i've had more than 4 or 5</p>

<p>bump please</p>

<p>meh.. b.u.m.p input please?</p>