Chances at Penn, Georgetown, Northwestern, Chicago, etc.

<p>Hey if you could give me my chances at Penn, Gtown, and NW that would be great! I am a junior so any advice for next year would be helpful.</p>

Public School, Massachusetts
Competitive Suburban School that sends several students to top schools each year</p>

<p>SATs 700CR/800M/660W = 1500/2160, essay 11
I have only taken them once, (minimal studying) should i try again?</p>

<p>GPA unweighted = 4.0 have not gotten A- yet =)
GPA weighted = will be around 4.65?
Top 10%, school doesnt rank but prob top 3</p>

<p>AP classes: (projected through senior year)
AP English
AP French
AP US History
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP Calculus BC</p>

Varsity Soccer Team (Vars. since junior year)
Varsity Indoor Track (Vars. since freshman year)
Varsity Lacrosse Team (Vars. since junior year)
Captain of Mock Trial Team (since freshman year, large time commitment)
Elected to Class of 2009 Board of Directors (every year since frosh)
Student Leadership Council (since soph year)
Debate Club Chairman (since soph year)
National Honor Society</p>

<p>Other ECs:
Soccer Referee (for 5 years, spring and fall)
Special Olympics Soccer Volunteer
Intern at MA State House for State Senator</p>

<p>This summer: will seek internship at a law office and additional paid employment</p>

<p>What are my chances at these schools? At HYPS? what else should i be doing? I play three sports so its hard to find time...</p>

<p>If you can, take them again. People will tell you that they are adequate, which they are, but to insure your best chances, especially if you have the opportunity, take them again. If you can manage 2200+, I think you should have an very easy time with these (and many, many) other schools.</p>

<p>Thanks. What do you think about my ECs and my chances at UPenn though? I know it should be a bit of a stretch...</p>