Chances at Penn State-University Park and others?

<p>I am currently a High School Senior and am really considering Penn State-University Park my number 1 school, but I'm also considering UMBC, UMCP, and Washington college. I will be applying early and am wondering my chances of being accepted. </p>

<p>I am in the IB diploma program and have been for all 3 years of high school, (well, Pre-IB for freshman and sophomore year)</p>

<p>GPA:3.1 (UW) and 3.6 (W)</p>

<p>SAT score: 1290 2-part, 1920 3-part</p>

<p>Class rank: 94/554</p>

<p>EC's: Mock trial, Key Club, Indoor Lacrosse, Vocal Ensemble, Relay for Life, Tri-M Music Honor Society</p>

<p>Major: media studies or English, I'm going to talk to an advisor to choose because I know I want to be a TV writer, but don't know if I would major in English or media studies</p>

<p>Volunteer work: ASP 3 years (habitat for humanity type work in central Appalachia), Courtney's house (safe-house for battered women), Relay for Life</p>

<p>Leadership: Grade representative in youth group for 5 years, Co-leader of relay for life team for 2 years.</p>

<p>Bump bump bump</p>


<p>I think you have a great shot at Penn State, your GPA is completely average here and your SAT is quite high for this school. But what I was wondering…if you want to become a screenwriter why don’t you look at film schools? 'Cause I’m looking at them too and, for example, Chapman University seems wonderful for film and it’s still affordable for you stats. BYW I will apply at Penn State, too, as a safety! Maybe we’ll end up somewhere together
Good luck! :)</p>

<p>Thank you! I love UP’s communication department. They have a TON of different opportunities for their students. Plus, i love the school itself.</p>