Chances at Penn

<p>Penn accepts about 50 students from my school per year. This year we have about 40 people doing early admission for Penn.
Central School in Philadelphia</p>

<p>There are three groups of canidiates...
High SAT , High rank/gpa
Low SAT , high GPA/rank
High SAT, low rank/gpa </p>

<p>I know the first group will definitely get in.
The 2nd group vs 3rd group , consider the 2nd group has more activities then the 3rd.</p>


SAT 1140 rank 51
SAT 1110 rank 41
SAT 1120 rank 52</p>

SAT 1440 rank 116
SAT 1370 rank 172
SAT 1280 rank 278
SAT 1520 rank 300</p>

<p>what you think??
Penn has to accept some from these two groups...</p>

<p>PS. 7 of the top ten are doing early for Harvard</p>

<p>Ah ha. Good old Central. Sometimes I wish I went there.... sometimes I don't when I look at the competiton.</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but the 2nd group has SAT's way too low. 1200 at least would give them something but low 1100s aren't Penn material IMO.</p>

<p>welll it'll be interesting to see the turn out
there are about 15 people in 2nd and 20 people in 3rd ....</p>