Chances at Pitt


I want to make sure that Pitt would be a good safety school for me.

Thinking about majoring in Environmental Engineering

GPA: 3.89 (unweighted) and 4.65 (weighted)
ACT: 33 composite- 28 English (10 on essay), 32 Reading, 35 Math, 36 Science
SAT 2: Math 2: 780, US History:740, Physics: 680 (will retake)
IB Diploma Candidate at an IB Magnet School
APs: Gov 4, US History 5, Macroeconomics 5, Microeconomics 5, Lit 4, Enviro 4, BC Calc 4
IB SL: Enviro 6, Chinese 5


Competitive Cycling- race both Cyclocross and Road for 6 years. Cat 4 in Road and Cat 3 in CX. MD State CX Champ for my respected Age category. Equivalent to a varsity Sport.
Team America Rocketry Challenge; founded and competed in this club for 4 years.
National Chinese, Science Honor, and History Honor Society.
History Club

Extra Info:
Essay will be about the special relationship with my physically disabled sister.

Thanks for your time. I am really passionate about Pitt, and just want to make sure it is a solid choice as a safety. Also if you could provide chances for merit scholarships, that would also be much appreciated.

Pitt takes ACT english and math and converts them to relative SAT scores - if you could take ACT again and focus
on getting english up - you’d have a
better chance at merit. 35 would translate as 790 but 28 would only be a 630 - that wouldn’t get you above threshold for UHC - which qualifies you for merit consideration. Worth
another try on getting a higher english

It would be a match rather than “safety” I would think for engineering. I agree retake ACT. GPA is good, how is the class rank? I think honors college eligibility starts at ACT 32 and required class rank is top 5%, is that correct, @amandakayak?

Some other schools that have environmental engineering and offer merit are Allegheny and St Francis University.

School does not rank. All they tell us is decile ranks based on weighted GPA. In my situation, all I know is that I am in the top 10%.

Our school also just does deciles but I asked our GC to include if my kids were in top 5% in letter (they didn’t want to rank officially beyond deciles but they sure had that data and for Pitt it made a difference for merit fwiw).

A lot of schools do not rank (mine did not) so the UHC doesn’t put AS much emphasis on this as it does on the GPA and the SAT/ACT scores. I had a $10k scholarship without ever submitting my class rank.