Chances At Princeton (early Decision) For International

<p>I'm an international (residing in oman; indian national)who wants to apply 2 princeton under the ED programme. </p>

<p>SAT I - 760 (M), 700(V) </p>

<p>SAT II- 760 (II C), 740(Phy), 670 (writing); i retook on oct. 9 </p>

<p>TOEFL- 657/ 676 </p>

<p>Academics- </p>

<p>1> Always among top 5% of da class </p>


<p>3>Excellent grades on my report ( Almost all A's) </p>

<p>my school follows the indian system and doesnt offer any college level courses. I have taken the hardest course offered by my school. </p>

<p>Extra Curricular- </p>

<p>1> gr8 at quizzing- reached quarter finals of an international quiz competition in 8th grade </p>

<p>2> Captained the quiz team which has won the inter-house quiz for 2 straight yrs. </p>

<p>3>participated in many elocutions,spelling bees etc. </p>

<p>5> Good at creative writing- My essay waz HIGHLY COMMENDED by the Royal Commonwealth Society, London. </p>

<p>6>Won 1st prize in school computer exhibition </p>

<p>7>Represented my school at a JAWAHARLAL NEHRU NATIONAL SCIENCE EXHIBITION at the zonal level </p>

<p>8>Ranked 3rd among all entrants from the Gulf region in the ‘National Cyber Olympiad’, held by the Science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi, India </p>

<p>9>Awarded a ‘HIGH DISTINCTION’ certificate for my performance in the test held by The University of New South Wales, Australia </p>

<p>10>Member of Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DEAS)- similar to the boy scouts </p>

<p>11> School Prefect for 2 yrs. </p>

<p>12> Member of school Social Service Club </p>

<p>13> Will represent my school at an international competiton in india. Very big event. </p>

<p>14>Member of school photography Club </p>

<p>... and a lot lot more </p>

<p>I also did abt 60 hrs of community while on vacation in India as there are no such oppurtunities where i live. </p>

<p>very few people at my school have been admitted to any of da ivies in the last 30 yrs.. . btw... school has 6000 students ( arnd 375 in 12th grade)</p>

<p>So... is it even worth applying? guys, i need a frank opinion- i seriously dont wanna waste $65! i heard that since very few ppl from oman even apply, my chances might improve- is that true?</p>

<p>OMAN!? INDIA?! wow! i'm indian, and lived in Oman (in Al Khwair) from infancy till 3rd grade (went to Indian School Ghala). Perhaps you might know the place, and if u do, we might even know each other from 9 years ago, lol. Anyway, my scores are very close to yours (give or take 20 pts on each), and you certainly have greater accomplishments than I do.</p>

<p>You stand a fair chance at Pton, but this will depend on how well you come across on your essays. If you make use of your cultural diversity well in your applications, I'd say you stand a great chance.
G'luck on ur apps!</p>

<p>Ya- i know ISG... i study at ISM actually...</p>

<p>anywayz, kayoshin, did u get into pton with similar scores? </p>

<p>THanx for ur help... really appreciate it</p>

<p>o.o" i didnt get it yet. But my point is go ahead and give it a good shot; no harm in aiming high (you'll still hand in an ivy level app to your next level of colleges)</p>

<p>Yea i know ISM, and it would be nice to see you at Princeton the following year, so cheers to us!</p>

<p>Had u gone for Bournvita Quiz in grde 8?
For which event r u coming 2 india?</p>

<p>i think you stand a great chance!
good luck.</p>

<p>ya... i went for da BQC. I did my 8th grade in PSBB, KK Nagar, Chennai-the school which i rep. in the BQC. </p>

<p>the thing in nov this year is called QUANTA 2004 to be held in lucknow... first time our skool is sending a team... from what i've heard and read, it seems like a big event...</p>