Chances at reaallly competitive schools

<p>My stats are here
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<p>Could you give me an idea of where I stand, esp with regard to MIT/Caltech? Thanks. </p>

<p>(I know I posted this on the old board, but the boards just closed :()</p>

<p>MIT - Good chance
Caltech - Good chance</p>

<p>Get that verbal up a bit.</p>

<p>Do tech schools really care that much about verbal? I've heard that as long as it's around 700+, they don't really count it against you</p>

<p>But 710 is below Caltech's 25th percentile, I think - or at least not above their median.</p>

<p>Umm, the link no longer seems to work. I'll just copy everything:</p>


<p>California Institute of Technology
Cornell University
Harvard University
Harvey Mudd College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Chicago</p>


<p>School Type: Private
Location: Hawaii
Race/Gender: Japanese/White/Male
Prospective Major: Math
Unweighted GPA: 3.95
Weighted GPA: 4.24
Class rank: 4 of 223</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Math: 800
SAT I Verbal: 710</p>

<p>ACT Scores
ACT Composite: 35</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Writing: 680
SAT II Math IC: 790
SAT II Math IIC: 800
SAT II Molecular Biology: 800
SAT II Chemistry: 780
SAT II Physics: 760</p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Math Team (10-12) Captain (12), ranked 1 of 300+ in league
* team is undefeated for 12 years
School Website (9-12)
Computer Club (10-12) President (11)
Volunteer Math Meet Coordinator (11-12)
Viola (6yrs)
Fencing (7yrs)
Sci-fi Club (9-12) Treas./Webmaster (10-12)
Opera Club (10-12) VP (10)
Lit. Magazine Layout Editor (12)</p>

<p>National Youth Leadership Forum - Technology '03
Summer work as computer assistant (good letter of recommendation)</p>

<p>Other Info
Top student awards in math (10,11)
Top student award in Creative Writing (11)
National Merit Semifinalist (224)
AMC12 - 120.5(top 1% pin),118
AIME - 7,7
National Spanish Exam - 2nd in state
School Writing Competition Winner</p>


<p>4 - Eng. Lang / Comp
5 - Physics B, Spanish Language, Comp A, Comp AB
Taking - Calc BC, Spanish Lit (ind. study), Statistics, Physics C</p>

<p>I've gotten one B (in History).</p>

<p>I am pretty sure I'm going to major in math -- I make this pretty clear in all my apps.</p>

<p>I should have good recommendations, and okay essays.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm really worried because I'm an early graduate with only three years of high school after graduation and only two for college admissions purposes. I've talked to Yale, Harvard and Princeton officers and they all swear to me that they do take early grads and dont' discriminate however I'm still scared. If you could look at my stats and tell me honestly how you think they match me up I'd really appreciate. By the way, I'm graduating early because I've exhausted my school's Advanced Placement offerings with only three more possibilities next year and because of family financial instability(we just moved and are dealing with paying for two houses at the same time).</p>

<p>Indian American Male
Highly competitive public school in Houston,Texas
Rank: 44/697
Weighted GPA on a 5 scale: 4.5806(I took Debate for all years in addition to Yearbook which lower my GPA because they are 4.0 classes)
SAT- 1580(800V and 780M)
SAT IIs: 800 Writing, 780 Math IIC, 780 Biology, 800 US History
APs done: 5 US History, 5 Music Theory, 5 World History
IBs done: 7 US History, 7 Music Theory with Musical Performance
APs for this year: Calculus BC, Physics B, Latin Vergil, Latin Literature, Biology, English, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Domestic Government, and Comparative Government
IB HLs for this year: Math, Economics, English, Latin
IB Diploma Candidate</p>

<p>This year courses: Calculus BC, IB Math HL, Physics AP, Latin IV AP, Biology AP, English AP, Yearbook, Micro/Macro AP, Government AP</p>

<p>Plan to apply:
1.Harvard EA
(By the way, how are Tufts, UCBurk, Carleton, Brown, Emory and Vanderbuilt?)</p>

<p>ECs by category:
HMTA 9th grade Theory Test Gold Medal, HMTA 9th grade overall winner for performance, Performance at HSPVA Young Musician's Night, UIL State Gold Medal,HMTA 10th grade Gold medal, HMTA gold medal for overal top performer, Houston Chopin Society Finalist(2nd place overall), National Chopin Competition SemiFinalist, Houston Symphony Youth Concerto Competition Winner(Performed with Houston Symphony as a soloist), Performance of Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto along with University of Houston's Moore's School of Music Symphony Orchestra, Rachmaninoff 3rd Piano Concerto performance at Rice University's Shephard School of Music, same music performed at the Jones Hall(Houston's premier Performing arts center), Performance with Clear Lake Symphony Orchestra as winner of Youth Concerto Winner</p>

UIL All Region Band(2nd Chair) 9th grade, UIL All Freshman Region Band(1st Chair), UIL Ensemble Gold Medal 9th grade, UIL Solo Gold Medal 9th grade, Member of Houston Youth Symphony Orchestra(1st chair), Attended Interlochen Summer Program in Michigan 9th grade, UIL All Region(1st Chair) 10th grade, UIL Solo Gold Medal, Attended Interlochen Summer Program as advanced student, Attended Tanglewood Program in Boston.</p>

<p>Student Government:
Elected as Secretary of 9th grade class, elected as Recording secretary of Freshman Advisory, Elected as Secretary of 10th grade class, Elected as Sophmore Advisory Vice President 10th grade,Treasurer of 11th grade Class, Vice President of Junior Advisory Selected to Students as Allies as one of 28 students selected from 3,400 in 10th grade, Elected as Vice President of SaA 10th grade, Attended National What Kids Can Do Conference at Houston, Chairperson of schoolwide Teacher-Student Relations, Selected as one of three students for the Youth Police Action Committee 11th grade, Continued position as Chairperson and Vice President in 11th grade</p>

Fall Fever Fun Run(Age 14-15) Winner, Winner of Rice Invitational-9th grade meet, Varsity Cross Country(9,10,11) and Varsity Track(9,10 because 11th grade track hasn't started yet), District Freshman of the Year, Regional Newcomer of the Year(both for Xcountry),Fall Fever 5K 3rd place in 17 and younger category, 3rd place at Rice Invitational Varsity Meet, Participant in HP Houston Marathon with time of 2 hours 58 minutes, Winner of Rice Invitational 11th grade</p>

3rd place finisher at State Qualifying Tournament at Woodlands High School in Cross Examination Debate in 9th grade, University of Houston 5th place overall speaker 10th grade, OctoFinalist at Texas Forensics Association Competition 10th grade, Participant at St.Marks Tournament of Champions 10th grade, State Qualified TFA 11th grade, Participant at Greenhill Tournament of Champions 11th grade</p>

Yearbook Staff Writer 10th grade, Yearbook Editor in Chief 11th grade, Yearbook won Columbia award of Excellence in 2003 and 2004</p>

National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude 9th grade, Junior Classical League Regional Certamen 9th grade, Junior Classical League State Derivatives Overall Winner 9th grade, National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude 10th grade, Junior Classical League State Geography Overall Winner 10th grade, Recording Secretary of JCL 10th grade, President of JCL 11th grade</p>

Joshinmon Karate State Kumite(14-15age group) 1st place in 9th grade, Joshinmon Karate State Kata 1st place,Joshinmon Karate National Kumite(14-15 age group) 3rd place in 9th grade, Joshinmon Karate National Kata 2nd place, Joshinmon Karate International Competition in Japan 4th place Kata, Joshinmon Karate Internationals in Japan 2nd place in Kumite. I still participate in Karate, but the next competitions for Joshinmon Nationals and Internationals are only at the end of this year.</p>

Summer of 10th grade/Beginning of the next school year-Employed by Electrophysiological Practice in Texas Heart Institute to read EKGs, Worked 5 hours daily for 12 weeks. Was on payroll and earned $3500 by the end of the term. Attended National You Leadership Forum on Medicine</p>

<p>I'm receiving letters of recommendation from my Latin teacher, my English teacher(student govt. sponsor), and my piano teacher.</p>

<p>Additionally, I'm sending off two supplementary cds to be evaulated. The piano cd has Chopin's minute waltz, Mozart's Variations on Twinkle Twinkle and Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata. And the oboe cd has two Telemann Oboe Concerto's and a Handel Oboe Sonata</p>

<p>mranoymnous, I would retake SAT, because everyone applying there has 770+ in math/science, you don't want that to be your weak spot, overall great chance though</p>

<p>get rid of your post. You already have an identical thread, so dont detract from those of others. By get rid of, i mean edit it to nothing or offer a helpful comment.</p>

<p>btw, misteranonymous, your stats are very similar to mine, although my ECs might me better, and from what ive heard, i have a good chance at acceptance. My conclusion: you have a good chance at admission. (my percentage estimate, 50 % chance with a 49 percent error).</p>

<p>In response to the 770+ comment. I thought that if you were applying to math-y schools that a verbal score over 700 would suffice. The most important things on the application are the high school transcript and teacher recommendations. Those are the two things each student has had the ability to work on and improve through his/her time in school. Just look at your Class Rank and GPA dude-you're fine academically. They're gonna see that you did really well in school and a 1510 on the SAT wouldn't bring it down. Additionally, with your interest in math, teachers in school writing about this would seal the deal for you. I think you're a really strong candidate, mranonymous.</p>

<p>Also, just wondering, because you're from Hawaii does that give you an admissions edge?</p>

<p>I would get rid of the letter of recomendation for the computer job. Colleges don't care if you can show up to a job on time and are a good worker. Unless your boss has something to say about you as a person (independence, responsibility, that stuff) then it isn't worth it. However I do not know the situation you are in.</p>

<p>Hmm, I guess the letter is pretty standard, but there's one line like "* worked well with the technicians and made sure everyone understood the system." Couldn't hurt, right?</p>

<p>"mranoymnous, I would retake SAT"...</p>

<p>I don't think so. That 35 on the ACT is more than sufficient (=1580 by UC standards)</p>

<p>"Also, just wondering, because you're from Hawaii does that give you an admissions edge?"</p>

<p>I don't know either... does anyone?</p>


<p>I was saying if he wants to he can, but he has a great shot without retaking, it's just 710 is probably on the low side</p>

<p>hawaii probably does give you an edge. they need geographic diversity</p>

<p>yeah probably a very slight edge, but geographic diversity is probably the last tip factor,</p>