Chances at Rice, Ivies?

<p>Asian male
Competitive private school in NJ</p>

<p>Class Rank: Top 15% of about 150
GPA: 3.6uw/4.3w
SAT I: 1410-700 M/710 V
SAT II: Math IIC 700, Bio 690, Writing 710, US History 740
AP's: Economics- macro 4, Bio 4, Euro 5
Course strength: Took honors classes through high school and am taking 4 APs as a senior.</p>

<p>Major: Undecided, most likely ecomonics, political science or engineering</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/Other School Info:</p>

<p>National Merit Commended Scholar (sent scores to Rice, UPenn)
School Newspaper (9-12)- Sports Editor for 3 years.
Varsity Tennis (11-12)
Varsity Football (11-12)
JV Basketball (9)
Chorus (9-12)-big music person
Member of School Choral Groups (9-12)- I sing in two auditioned groups, both won 1st place at a competition in Virginia. I practice music around 4 hours a week.
Model UN
Asian Association</p>

<p>Community Service:</p>

<p>Conducted local Children's Chorus
200+ hours of volunteering on township Rescue Squad's EMT
30+ hours of fundraising work for American Red Cross</p>


<p>Lifeguard/Swim Instructor for 4 years at YWCA
Camp Counselor</p>

<p>My List:</p>


<p>Are there any other schools I should add? thanks.</p>

<p>WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many reaches and not enough matches.</p>

<p>why too many reaches? I think hes got equal no of reaches and matches.</p>