Chances at rice

<p>average student/female</p>

<p>3.9 weighted gpa
7 aps</p>

<p>1380 sat 730M/650V
710 french
690 math1c
720 writing</p>

<p>Around 400 hrs voluntering
-working with disabled kids
-mentoring girls in math/science
-currently working 10+ hours a week with 2 disabled children(autistic, nonverbal)</p>

City commission
-on commission for 4 years
-chair for 3 years
(put together award ceremony for teen volunteers)
Amnesty international (4 years: Secretary, vice president)
Literary Magazine(3 years)
Mock Trial
Speech Team
French Club (co-founder,vice president)
Tutor in french</p>

<p>-excellent recs anticipated
-good essay</p>

<p>just wondering. what state are you from? and what ethnicity are you?</p>

<p>1380 is too average. you need to get it over 1450 to have a great shot I think.</p>

<p>im from CA, indian
i agree, i'm taking sat again, hopefully getting it around 1450. do u think thats the only thing i need to raise? my sat2 aren't that great either</p>

<p>All your test scores could improve.</p>

<p>ok, what do you think of chances at johns hopkins? and for both i guess, other than sats, do u think there is anything else i can do?</p>

<p>does anyone know any good schools that are matches for me? i'm a little bit unsure on schools that aren't reaches lol</p>