Chances at Rice?!

<p>...for a friend who is too hesitant to go on here :)</p>

<p>anyway, i'll put what I know </p>

SAT- 2130
GPA- 3.5 W
Class Rank- 18/ about 380</p>

<p>ECS: Band 5 yrs- Sectional Leader 3 years
2 years academic team
4 yrs varsity swim team</p>

<p>..from what I provided, what do you think?</p>

<p>Not really good chances. The GPA is kind of low although class rank is pretty good. The main thing hurting him/her is their extracurriculars because other students applying would have more. But who knows, they might be lucky. Good luck to them!</p>

<p>Most likely rejection.</p>

<p>If that GPA is, in fact, weighted and not uw, it would be highly unlikely that Rice would accept them. Although the EC's are few and far between, what's there is good.</p>

<p>Umm are u sure that GPA is weighted? For a 2130 SAT, thats a very low GPA....maybe u mean unweighted?</p>

<p>And with those ECs, i don't really know what to say...the pool of applicants for Rice would be a lot more competitive.</p>