Chances at RISD?

RISD is my pipe dream school. I don’t even know if I could afford it, but its fun to dream.

I’m relatively academically secure, but my portfolio is pretty underdeveloped, in both size, coherency, & technique, especially compared to students who attend magnet schools or who take private lessons.
my behance is . I only have a rough idea of what I’ll be putting in my portfolio.
I am still currently making portfolio work (potentially portraits with actually correct proportions & more interior landscapes), but please tell me if I need to be working on anything ! I will also be applying to SAIC, MICA, WashU, Williams, & UT Austin (auto admission) with this portfolio.

misc/hazily relevant info:
I have attended SAIC’s pre-college
I am applying regular decision

I went to NPD last year and it was a disaster (I literally only had a sketchbook and maybe 3 paintings). so I am going again this year. because I am a disaster

My weighted GPA is 4.50 (regulars=4.0, ap=5.0). My school doesn’t to unweighted GPAs, but I should have a 4.0? my semester averages are all As
My SAT is 1570 (800 reading, 770 math)
subjects yet to be taken (fingers crossed for Oct 6)
7 APs taken, 3 APs to be taken. 2 4s, 5 5s. all are “core” curriculum

president of robotics, cello & piano extracurriculars, library volunteering

Portfolio is the most important factor. So impossible to chance without it. You may go to a portfolio day and seek feedback, you will have a general idea about your chance.

dude just apply early decision and be more symbolic rather than literal, and take risks they love that. hundreds of angsty steven universe locals pull up with their hentai drawings and digital paintings and don’t get accepted. not because they lack skill.

suggest you broaden your scope of schools. There are several other great design schools. for example look into VCUarts. ranked #2 only behind Yale for mfa. and Richmond is a genuine arts community…

If RISD is your dream, pursue it. I very much disagree with a knee jerk ED. RISD does not defer from ED. When you apply ED, you are generally in a basket with some of the most aggressive applicants. If you lose that bet, you are out. My daughter was intent on RISD as well. She did a portfolio review at RISD with one of the admissions people. He told her flat out, don’t apply ED. Take the extra couple of months to strengthen your portfolio. The reviewer even gave her some concrete improvements he thought she could make and resources to facilitate. She applied RD, with a much stronger portfolio and was accepted. As a parent, I add that I was very aware of a stronger commitment to her choice after putting in the extra work to get there.

I also suggest you visit Pratt. Don’t get set on a preconceived place until you have thoroughly explored the other options and have a open mind. You may only confirm your intentions but more often than not you will broaden your horizons and learn why these other schools are so highly regarded.

Do you know what major you want to pursue? That’s a big factor in a lot of these schools. Even RISD has some departments that aren’t that strong, and plenty of other schools offer great options and fit.

And I 2nd the DO NOT do RISD ED. See them at NPD or a regional one (if you’re in NY area, they go to the one at Hyde Park in early Nov). Take the time to improve your portfolio. My oldest is a junior there now and did almost same thing as @BrooklynRye - got her other applications in a bit earlier/some early action for other schools, but then really focused on beefing up her portfolio by RISD’s deadline (which thankfully is one of the last in February).

broaden your scope of possible design schools. You need to keep an open mind as your preconceived ideas of “dream schools” will surprise you once you actual get out and visit some of these other top design schools. ITs a solid investment of your time and effort.

While dedicated undergraduate art schools generally offer a similar foundation and assortment of majors, they differ in many ways critical to your choice. Whether, for whatever reasons, one school is your “dream school” or another is a highly-ranked goal school, this is not necessarily a true test of which school is ultimately best for you. Teaching philosophies can vary substantially from school to school. As @ArtAngst points out, different schools have the same majors at varying strengths. Simply because one school may be deemed a “top” school or even your “dream” does not mean that there are not other schools that may be stronger in a prospective major. I agree that you should broaden your scope. Do your homework. Visit some of these schools. Talk to students. You may end up where you start or you may end up someplace you never expected…

Have been accepted with scholarships to Pratt, SAIC and MICA…finishing up RISD RD. GPA 4.0 and ACT 29 (34 English/31 Reading) . Toured RISD but never met with them for portfolio review. Have a good variety, life drawings, painting, sculptures, etc…What did everyone do for their home assignments? What do you this my chances are of getting into RISD. Have been involved with NAHS and TriM since Sophomore year, also play viola. Will graduate with 7 AP’s and AP Scholar…what are everyone else’s top choice?