chances at Rutgers, TCNJ?

<p>i have a 3.5 uw, 3.55w
1830 sat(1210 cr+m)</p>

<p>-Member of track team
-Fbla club
-American red cross club
-Kids for Kids club
-Volunteer at 2 hospitals(St. Francis/Princeton Hospitals)
-Jewish Family and Childrens Services office
-nursing home
-Sunday school teacher
-Coach for Under 14 basketball team in regional tournament
-Help kids with special needs play sports(Princeton Special Sports)
-Tutor at kumon</p>

<p>I have taken no AP's and 2 honors classes my first 3 years of high school but senior year ill be taking 2 ap's and one honors class. Please let me know about my chances at RU and TCNJ.</p>

<p>i live in NJ also btw and my ethnicity is asain(indian).</p>