Chances at SDSU for ENVS Major?

In-state (non-local)

10-11th GPA:
CSU: 4.05 (4 weighted semesters, would’ve been 7 if not for P/NP)
UW GPA: 3.84

Weighted Classes:
Summer: CC Intro Astronomy
Senior: AP Lit, CC College Success - Fall, CC Intro Engineering + Psych - Spring

My school offers most of the APs, so I’m aware that my course rigor isn’t the best. There were different ways my schedule could’ve been but I had complications scheduling senior year APs (and I was figuring my interests out in junior year, but still am). I took the three main sciences, APES, CC Intro Astronomy, and am currently taking Geology.

EC: 6-10 hr/week on average

I think based on your post that SDSU is a target school.

ENVS had around 46% acceptance rate last year. It always depends upon how you compare to the other ENVS applicants.

Best of Luck.

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