Chances at small liberal arts colleges as a transfer

<p>Do I have a chance of being admitted as a transfer to any of the following schools: Haverford, Williams, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Swarthmore, Amherst, or Colgate </p>

<p>I would realy like to transfer to a top liberal arts school and I'm worried that these are out of my reach.</p>

<p>In high school I had a 3.4gpa with a 1810SAT and a few honors/ap classes.
I was president of my class for three years
Involved with a couple clubs and had many volunteer hours
I have great letters of recommendations from faculty and community
During my senior year I was given an award for Community Service from a local legislator</p>

<p>At a community college (Top 15 CC in the Country)
I have a 3.8gpa, was elected to serve on the Executive Board of the Student Government, and I'm involved in the Political Science Club. I have a part time job, and continue to volunteer.</p>

<p>So I would enter as a junior poly sci major and I am just worried i will not be admitted?</p>


<p>I think it's a reach.
These schools are harder to get into as a transfer than out of HS, not easier and your SAT is well below the line for any of them. </p>

<p>Your best shots might be for Hamilton or Colgate but I would say that even they would be high-reaches for you.</p>

<p>If you said you had a 3.8 at a flagship state U, then perhaps, but coming from a CC... it's going to be very, very tough.</p>