Chances at some schools for me please

<p>I would really like to get in to NYU, TCNJ, or Penn State if any of them are possibilities. If they are not, please tell me some good matches. My hope for a major is pre-med or biology (to become a bio teacher).</p>

<p>My GPA is around 96.2 UW and 99.89 W. My school doesn't offer many APs, but I take the ones they do offer other than french and spanish and I take honors. (The aps they have are calc, english, us hist, physics, chem, bio)</p>

<p>We don't have a reported rank, but I am pretty certain I am in at least the top 5-10% of around 300.</p>

<p>My sophie SATs were 640 math, 610 CR, 570 writing. I am only a junior now btw, but Im worried nonetheless. My psats this year were 62 math, 68 cr, 70 W. I was happy with them, although they aren't CC standard. Plus I never prepped They were the highest in my school though, so yeah, my schools not that smart. I will definitely re-take the SATs and take 2-3 SATs IIS WITH PREP!!!</p>

<p>MY ECs are very lackluster, especially on a CC level:
SpanHS (11)
Mu Alpha Theta (11)
PETA member (Although I never got to attend a protest/rally, I do send out emails etc/I contribute)
A job for 3 summers
Some service work for my other ecs, plus some tutoring.</p>

<p>I have a decent collection of departmental awards, honor rolls, not a whole lot here either (:() Also a nj gov school nominee.</p>

<p>Sorry for this being so long, but I really need some opinions. Thanks a ton</p>

<p>Not to mention I can get awesome recs and solid essays (Sorry, thats it I swear it)</p>

<p>nyu is a pretty high reach for you, and VERY different from penn state. i hope you're not one of those people who apply just because it's cool.
i'd say that penn state and tcnj are both matches, because while your gpa is good, your sats are low and your ecs just dont make you out to be that interesting of a person. work on that this year? maybe do some heavyduty volunteering over the summer or something.</p>

<p>"We don't have a reported rank, but I am pretty certain I am in at least the top 5-10% of around 300."</p>

<p>"My sophie SATs were 640 math, 610 CR, 570 writing"</p>

<p>this shows that your high school is not very competitive</p>

<p>i know that at my high school, anyone who was in the top 5 percent all had at least the equivalent of a 1350 on their SATs and most had between 1400-1600</p>

<p>yes but 1250 soph SAT, and 1300 PSAT junior only need 50 more points on spring SAT for 1350...doesn't seem too out of reach at all. I think if you can get at least 1300 (good chance you could do better) you'll be competitive for NYU.</p>

<p>I know that bball, hence when I said my schools not that smart. However, with prep, I know I can get at least a 68 math, 68 cr if i put effort into it. The day I took it, was at a school other than my own, it was extremely hot and I was a sophomore who was thinking more about the summer and not worried about the sats. I know not to make excuses, but I know I can make improvements on those Sats. Thanks for the advice scarf. I will try my best to find more things to get active in this summer/this year. My scheduling will be easier when I have my car/license at the end of this month so I dont have to rely on my parents for transporting to places. </p>

<p>Btw--what are some safeties for someone like me?</p>

<p>Would mine be considered competitive.</p>

<p>AP/IB = +13 points</p>

<p>458 student</p>

<p>1-20 = Average of 100+ weighted with</p>

<p>1-10 = 103+</p>

<p>1-5 = 105+</p>

<p>3 national merit scholars (finalists) and 8 commended and 9 hispanic (finalists).</p>

<p>/\ ??? /&lt;/p>

<p>OP: Stevens comes to mind, Butler, Elizabethtown, Xavier, Temple, Duquesne, American, Kenyon, SMU maybe? depends. where u from? in-state schools will be a safety for u, only UVA, UC-B, and possibly UNC and UMich might climb to matches, but i doubt it</p>