Chances at some top schools (Duke, Gtown, Emory, Vandy) I will chance back!!

<p>Hi, could someone please chance me.
My Top Schools are (in no order): Duke(trinity) RD, Emory RD (nominated for Goizueta Scholars) , Georgetown(MSB) EA, UVA (CAS) EA, Vanderbilt (interested in Peabody(HOD) and CAS) RD</p>

<p>I am applying to UGA (Honors) and GA Tech as backups. </p>

<p>I will most likely study some combination of Business, Ethics/Philosophy, and Political Science with intention of being Pre-Law</p>

<p>Rising Senior
Class Rank 21/790 excellent, competitive public school in Georgia (sends 15+ to ivies/mit/chicago/stanford/duke each year, like 30 a year to ga tech)
GPA (only AP classes add 10 points at my school) 4.24 W, 3.933 UW
{Only classes with (natural B's) APWH 1 sem., APUSH 1 sem., CALC BC 2 sem.}
Everything Else throughout all of school K-11 are A's. </p>

<p>SAT Superscore 720 M, 690 CR, 780 W (11 E)
SAT II: World History 730, Physics 700, US History 760
ACT: First Try: 32 (34 R, 32 M, 32 E, 31 S) 9 E
ACT October: 33 (33 R, 32 M, 34 E, 31 S) 9 E
Ap Exam 5- APWH, 5-USH, 5-Psych, 5-CALC BC, 5- Physics B</p>

<p>Junior Year (completed): APUSH, AP PHYS B, AP Calc BC, AP Psych, Gifted Spanish III, Gifted American Lit. </p>

<p>Senior Schedule: AP GOV, AP MACRO ECON, AP STAT, AP LANG, AP Euro, AP Chem, Gifted Spanish IV.......</p>

<p>Freshman and Sophomore year: Gifted classes for every subject except band and music tech</p>

<p>EC's :
NHS (70+ hours per year) Senior President, Beta Club, Nat Span Honor Society, Nat Science Hon Society officer, Mu Alpha Theta, Student Government (leadership position- I teach leadership lessons to the 300 member club), Science Olympiad (Regional,and State medals, went to nationals at UW madison, expect to return next year) , Academic Team (Fresh and Soph years) , Leader of School Leadership Team, on Senior Advisory Council</p>

<p>Member of County Student Leadership Team- It is a big deal in the state, pretty prestigious the director of the program literally gets calls from school officials across the nation asking her to come and help start up a similar program in their county school system.. We meet with the superintendents, prominent businessmen, professional speakers, government officials etc. Because of the success of previous graduates, adcomms at several universities are aware of the program and hold it in high regard.</p>

<p>Three Summers of Leadership Training with Student Leadership University- Have been to Orlando, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Normandy, Oxford for training. Had the opportunity to hear lectures from prominent senators, congressmen, civil activists, members from the house of lords.. VERY AWESOME experiences with this organization!!</p>

<p>Attended Foundation for Teaching Economics - Economics for Leaders Summer at Emory
- Incredible experience. loved the combo of two of my major interests</p>

<p>I really have a passion for leadership, and by that I do not mean taking positions to throw on my app, I mean learning about leadership (through lectures, stories, team building), learning about leaders, and teaching/sharing leadership skills to others.</p>

<p>As leader of a leadership team I teach leadership lessons to 300 student SGA meetings, 50 student leadership team members (monthly). Also I am planning a community wide leadership summit to be hosted at my school. I personally started the Leadership Council at my school to bring together presidents of service/leadership clubs for a forum of discussion/ training. I am a student director for a fundraising effort that gives money to hurting families during the christmas season. </p>

<p>Thanks for the help, any advice is greatly appreciated!
I will chance back if you provide link to your post!! thanks</p>



<p>Hey buddy the big deal with Duke admissions is their 'why Duke?' essay. Your class rank is strong in what looks like a very competitive high school, and that will help; I'm wondering why your weighted GPA isn't higher? I know that Duke, like most schools out there, is really looking at 1) your school index, 2) what classes you chose to take in terms of rigor, and 3) what grades did you get in those classes. Your unweighted GPA and your weighted GPA look pretty close so it may reveal less Honors or AP classes and I wonder how that might look to Duke, in particular. But I'd put your academic performance in the middle, at least, on UW GPA, that Duke will see; the W GPA to the left of the mean. I think your overall academic profile has you in the middle, there, which won't hurt you in my opinion.</p>

<p>Your standardized test scores are strong but it all does back to the academic record for applicants and again, that 'why Duke?' essay. I think those two factors matter most to Duke. </p>

<p>Probably 30,000 applications to Duke again this year, I'm guessing; of those, 500 are very low admit chances (applying b/c of the basketball team's reputation, etc.) and 500 will get in anywhere they apply. The trick is, at Duke, how are you going to make yourself stand out from the MIDDLE 29,000 applicants who all look virtually the same? (This is where you and I both are in my opinion, and there's nothing wrong with that at all).</p>

<p>Duke weeds most of those 29,000 out using that essay.</p>

<p>My first choice is Davidson College! </p>

<p>good luck dude!</p>

<p>the ks.</p>

<p>Duke - You've got pretty good chances
Emory - You've definitely got good chances since your were nominated for a scholarship
Georgetown - You're in the pool of competitive applicants but you can never be sure, their admissions take real interest in the school as a major factor, which Early Action will help you with
UVA - You'll probably get in
Vanderbilt - Slightly lower chances than Emory</p>

<p>Please chance me back
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