<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Im an International student:</p>

<p>Indian national, permanent resident of Norway, Living in Korea right now, attended International school since age 3.</p>

<p>SAT: 1350 (690 M, 660V) - first sitting of October 9th</p>

<p>I skipped 10th grade due to high scores in 9th Grade, now im a senior</p>

<p>9th grade: GPA: 3.93 (unweighted)
11th: 4.0 (unweighted)
12th (so far: 4.70/4.78, weighted) - 3.94/4.00 unweighted</p>

<p>I maximised educational opportunities in 9th, 11th and 12th grade</p>

<p>9th grade: A's in all subjects</p>

<p>10th grade: (skipped)</p>

<p>11th grade:
Pre-calculus: 96
Honours English 11/12: 100
Honours Physics 12: 100
Algebra II: 97
PE/Art/Music: 95 avg
Psychology: 98
U.S Government: 99</p>

<p>I took the most challenging courses offered till 12th grade in the Juniour year, No APs offered.</p>

<p>12th (so far)</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB - 96
AP Literature - 98
AP Statistics - 97
AP Physics B - 98
Economics - 96
Chemistry - 95
Newspaper/Journalism - 100</p>

<p>I took the school limit of 3 APs and took an online course of AP Physics to be able to total to 4 APs. Maximised Opportunities here.</p>


<p>Extra Curriculars and Awards</p>

<p>9th - Varsity Soccer (letter)
11th - (school didnt have any sports teams)
12th - Varsity Cross country and Varsity Soccer (letters)</p>

<p>9th - Editors Choice Award -
11th - Editors Choice Award -
12th - (none as yet)</p>

<p>9th - Games club, sports club, Computer Club,
11th - Games club, sports club, Soccer Club,
12th- Orphanage Club, MUN, school Debate Team, Computer programming club, Environment Committee, Lettering in Drama,</p>

<p>Honours Roll: throughout 9th grade, 11th grade and now so far in 12th</p>



<p>11th - Publishing college level thesis on Third Culture Kids and Global Citizenship</p>

<p>11th - Publishing an economics research paper on the benefits of Outsourcing</p>


<p>In my college application im talking about the ability of me as international student and Third Culture Kid to be able to integrate into various societies. I studied in non-religious schools, and now i'm in a large private international christian school, but I'm very confortable even though im Hindu. </p>

<p>Would being international be really a benefit?</p>

<p>How are my scores and what are my chances at Stanford EA? How about other Ivies?</p>

<p>Somebody help! urgent! Application is going by Nov. 1!</p>

<p>btw. Im also the coach for JV soccer and Im the student member for the School Wide Action Plan for WASC accreditation in the school</p>




<p>That SAT score will hurt you. Esp. being an ORM.</p>

<p>yeah. Im also ranked 1 in each of my schools. Will that balance things out?</p>

<p>That skip will also hurt you. Stanford explicitly doesn't like skip-a-roos. Doesn't totally ban it, but it frowns on it.</p>

<p>My list:</p>

<p>CMU dept:SCS</p>



<p>MIT ----- (i know...its soooo much a reach)</p>

<p>Cornell </p>

<p>UC Berkeley</p>


<p>Stanford (changed my mind - regular decision) -- I hope to get a recomendation from Robert Laughlin ex-professor of stanford and Nobel lauereate. Iv got to know him pretty well personally - hes the president of a uni here in korea.</p>

<p>do my parents qualifications really count? I hope it does ;)</p>

<p>cos my dad is VP of Samsung, and a PhD, </p>

<p>my mom's a professor and a PhD as well.</p>


<p>When you have 2 highly educated parents more is expected of you. Read some of the books like Gatekeeper and A is for Admissions. Kids of successful parents who go to private schools are deemed to have been given every advantage and are therefore expected to have higher scores, better EC's, etc. I hate to say this, but Gatekeepers will also tell you how little a letter of rec from a former professor, no matter how impressive, is. So focus on getting your scores up and writing a great application. Good luck!</p>

<p>have your dad make some donations. haha.</p>

<p>lol donations. yeah i understand about the high expectations. didnt think of that before</p>


<p>umm your dads the vice president of samsung? LOL</p>

<p>you sohuld apply for financial aid</p>

<p>wow man...thanks for stating the obvious ;)</p>

<p>Only prob I see is the low-for-Ivies SAT score. It's a GREAT score, but not for Ivies. </p>

<p>I wouldn't know about skipping tenth grade hurting anything. <em>I</em> would see it as good -- smart kids don't need extra time in school.</p>

<p>Why don't you study for SAT, retake it, and take SATIIs (they are "optional", but 98% of admited students have them)</p>

<p>well yeah. the SAT is low which really sucks, and iv got only a week for the next one. i just hope it isnt gonna be bad. oh well.</p>

<p>how abt my chances at CMU? I LOVE that place.</p>