Chances at Stanford, MIT, Ivies, etc.

<p>I am a student at a small rural public HS in Iowa.</p>

<p>GPA 3.98 UW Rank 2/66 (Darn Driver's Ed!) 4.0 from gr. 10-12, though.
ACT 36 (36-35-35-36) SAT I 1600
SAT II Math IIC 800 Chemistry 780 Writing 740
I have no AP's -- our school only offers Music Theory and Studio Art.
There are no honors courses or anything like that, but I did take the most challenging curriculum possible; the school even made some special arrangements.</p>

Driver's Ed. B+ English 9 A- A Phys. Sci. A A
Geometry A A Alg. II/Trig A A Spanish I A A
Chorus A A Health 9 A Geography A</p>

English 10 A A Spanish II A A Biology A A
College Math A A Web Design A Comp. Sci. A
Health 10 A World Hist. A Band A A Chorus A A</p>

English 11 A A Calculus (dual cred.) A A Economics (college) A A
Spanish III A A Am. Hist. A A Chemistry A A Adv. Biology A A
Band A A Chorus A A PE A A </p>

English (dual cred.) Calculus III (college, 1 sem.) Spanish IV (dual cred.)
Anat. and Phys. Physics Statistics (dual cred., 1 sem.)<br>
Band Chorus PE Am. Gov. (1 sem.) </p>

Senior Class President, Jazz Band, Speech (All-State), Mock Trial, 4-H (County Council), National Honor Society (Treasurer), Tri-M Music Honor Society, Musical (lead roles), Spring Play (lead roles), Golf (JV), Church Youth Group (leader), City Arts Council Board (we plan concerts), Community Chorus, Community Band, Work at a grocery store 5-10h/w, Boys State</p>

National Merit Semifinalist, Nat'l Honor Roll, Who's Who, AMC 12 school winner, AIME qualifier (I think I got a 2 or 3, though), All-State Speech, various regional honor bands</p>

<p>Glowing recommendations, hopefully good essays.</p>

<p>I plan to study engineering.</p>

<p>Please tell me how I would do at the following schools:
Stanford EA
Various Ivies
Anywhere else you suggest I apply</p>

<p>I do know that I'm accepted at U of Iowa and Iowa State, as far as safeties go.</p>


<p>your match would be UVA
my counselor said even if you have straight A's in regular, non-AP classes, UVA would be a reach, but you have other things that help you. Your courses are the only reason I would say that ivies aren't safe. but then again, MIT said that if you did take the most advantage of what was offered to you, you'd be commended for it.</p>

<p>BTW, I'm a white male, and I know that's decreases my chances a little.</p>

I hope my counselor explains that our school doesn't exactly offer honors or AP classes; there aren't enough people who would take them... like half of each class goes to 2-year colleges, and a fourth go to 4-year colleges. Perhaps they'll be lenient on the course choice factor...</p>

<p>Anyone care to comment on my situation?</p>

<p>If they know about your school and that you are taking the most challenging curriculum available to you, I don't see they would hold anything against you for not having APs. After all, APs are optional. Your SAT I and ACT are simply amazing and I think your chances are pretty good for northwestern and some of the lower Ivies like Cornell, U Penn, Columbia. HYPS would be a reach but that's the case for just about everybody. You have a fighting chance for them also.</p>

<p>Just wanna add that your SAT I, ACT, and SAT II are higher than average of any school including Harvard and MIT. To me, perfect scores in SAT/ACT/Math IIC are harder to get than a 5 on a AP test. Make sure you write good essays and get strong recs.</p>

<p>I think you'll be in the group that the colleges will take a second look at after they've selected the top kids... have good essays, interviews and recs and i think you'll have a fair chance</p>

<p>you're probablly in at northwestern, becuase of your location, the fact you haven't done anything science-y won't really be held against you, so I say you have a good chance at every single school</p>