Chances at Stanford, UC berkeley/LA, Cornell, Duke?

Rising sophomore

Unweighted GPA: 3.90 (honors student- recipient of scholars award)
Plan on giving ACT- expect score 32-36
Taking mostly honors and AP classes this year onwards
Singapore Academy Lacrosse team
Freshmen Soccer team
Work at Wildlife reserves Singapore as a Conservation Ambassador (also counts as community and service credit)
Clubs: Global Issues Network and Independent Performing arts union
Performed in orchestra during freshman year (double bass)
Perform in school gigs -guitar (6-7 years)
Attended Educational Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford this summer (course: Bioscience and Biotechnology acceptance rate= 15%)
Planning on interning at hospitals next summer

Come back after your junior year.

. . . . And after you’ve asked your parents how much they will pay. Assume $45-$60k+ per year.

amd do not forget subject tests!

@“aunt bea” yup my parents are willing to pay 60+

@isl4ndsurf3r Can u give me more info on subject tests?
which ones to take and when?