Chances at Stanford...

<p>Hi, if anyone out there wants to possibly reply...what are my chances at Stanford University (Regular Review)?</p>

<p>Asian male; in an average high school, I guess. Not known for amazing academics, not known for crappy academics either.</p>

<p>4.50 GPA (weighted; 10th-12th)
4.25 GPA (weighted; 9th-12th)
3.98 GPA (unweighted)</p>

<p>Rank; (tied) 1 / 511</p>

<p>7 AP's: (U.S. History, European History, English Comp., Calculus AB, Physics B, U.S. Government, English Lit.)</p>

<p>AP Scores: three 5's in 11th grade</p>

<p>SAT I- 2200 (770 CR, 720 Math, 710 Writing on second try)
SAT II's: 790 U.S. History, 760 Math II C</p>


<p>Frosh/Soph Cross-Country (9-10)
Varsity Cross-Country (11-12)
Frosh/Soph Track & Field (9-10)
Varsity Track & Field (11-12)
California Scholastic Federation (CSF) Club (10-12); Vice-President 12th grade
Physics Club (11-12); Treasurer 12th grade</p>

<p>Stanford gets tons of applicants just like you. What makes you stand out?</p>

<p>hmm good point. i guess my family is finanically disadvantaged. but thats not much. </p>

<p>stanford is a reach for me anyway, considering its a 10% accpetance rate. how about UC Berkeley for me?</p>

<p>Match/Safe Match, I'd say..</p>

<p>Write great essays for Stanford, and you might just get in. :)</p>

<p>haha im trying im trying! but im blanking out on the last one i have left right now...thats why im wasting my time on collegeconfidential instead of writing...sigh.</p>

<p>i'd say you're pretty competitive...
the valedictorian thing sure helps (you kicked my butt there haha)</p>

<p>but yeah, as gm man says, write some good essays. show some personality. etc etc etc. </p>

<p>p.s. GMMAN!!! i would totally appreciate it if you could comment on mine... its the one about "girl with sick lung" haha... : )</p>

<p>haha you're probably a tad bit more competitive than i, considering your essays are probably spectacular--u actually have something significant to write about! i dont. haha.</p>

<p>haha my essays aren't like heavenly or anything..
although i'll admit i milked my lung disease for all its worth!!
overcoming obstacles and all that bs : )</p>

<p>You're innn at Berkeley
And qualified at Stanford too, just depends on essays/recs/how you presented your ECs.</p>

<p>UCB: Match
Stanford: Slight Reach/Match (depends how well you make yourself stick out! Good luck!)</p>

<p>thanks guys! im glad to hear im at least a "match" at Berkeley i guess...thats where ill probably want to anyway--im not counting on stanford too much (just too crazy to get in); ill take it if i get it, if i dont, then theres berk. or UCSD if something happens. heh</p>

<p>here's the thing:</p>

<p>i live near stanford, my friend's parents are professors there, so i've heard a lot about their admissions.</p>

<p>i know a guy who last year was deffered from Stanford and he had very similar grades to you.</p>

<p>honestly, like someone else said, stanford recieves many, MANY applicants like yourself. (asian, high SAT scores, AP's, science clubs, etc. also, they fact that you are a male brings down your chances.) i think in order to really be accepted there, you'd need to stand out immensely. (for example, do you write, paint, or play an instrument? then highlight than in your essays.)</p>

<p>you don't even need a talent persay, just discuss something unique about yourself. (for my stanford essay, i wrote about my obsession with the 1920s, and for a USC film essay i wrote about how a broke a bus window with a snowball in DC)</p>

<p>Berkeley would take you most definately. UC's are more concerned about the grades than the people.</p>

<p>I don't want to hear about anyone "milking a lung disease." That's gross. Haha. Hope it's not serious though.</p>

<p>As for your chances, I'd say you're one of those people on the edge. Schools like Stanford say that 70% of their applicants are capable of doing the work they give, and you're definately in that category. I'd imagine there's like 5% that definately gets in because they're so qualified, but then there's probably another 40% on top of that where they have a tough choice for every applicant. From what I can tell, you're probably in that bunch so it's worth applying.</p>

<p>hahaha yeah i figured that was probably a bad expression to use : )</p>

<p>thanks for info zelda and naytain. haha gives me some hope, however small. and i personally think the milking of hte lung disease puts u at a better chance sarah...haha</p>