chances at stanford

<p>i go to a top 50 ranked school in the nation
im a white male
I have a 98W/94UW
(not sure about 4.0 scale because every conversion i find is different)</p>

<p>rank: my school does not rank, but i would say top 15% out of 200</p>

<p>SATs: Math: 780, Reading: 750, Writing 730.
ACT: 34
SATII: bio(took 9th grade): 740, MathII:780, Chem:800</p>

<p>AP Chem:5
AP US History:4
AP Computer Science:5
AP Physics B:
AP Calc AB:
AP Stats:
AP macroeconomics:</p>

<p>My extracurricular activities include: 4 seasons of varsity crew (2 letters), Columbia University Science honors program(2 years), i have been flying for 2 years and have a valid pilots license, outdoors club, outdoor leadership program, spent 5 weeks over the summer in tanzania teaching kids english, doing volunteer work and climbing mount kilimanjaro, i have interned at a university lab for 2 weeks, i have over 120+ community service hours fostering rescue dogs, working at a local nature center, and other various activities.</p>

<p>recs are great because my teachers that i got them from absolutely love me and had both of them for 2+ years. My Essay, which i hear is a big part of the stanford app, is great, at least think so, I talk about my experience on kilimanjaro and my love for the mountains and outdoors.</p>

<p>any info would be helpful. Thanks.</p>