chances at stern ed pllz!!!

<p>what do you think about my chances at stern ED? thanks</p>

<p>unweighted 3.65
weighted 3.85
school does not give rank, but very competitive</p>

<p>sat 1320 (740M 580V)
670 sat ii chem
660 sat ii ic
650 sat ii writing
excellent counselor rec, good teacher rec
pretty good essay (talk about business experience)</p>

<p>ec (only major ones)
columbia summer program 2 years (1 year took business course)
national youth leadership forum
sport captain
research class 4 years
part of school culture club and secretary of SADD</p>

<p>awards (major ones only)
poem published/invited to FL to read poem and receive award
1st place spanish competitions (3)
national spanish honor society
record placed on national honor roll
1st place music competitions</p>