Chances at T14 Schools

<p>I currently have a 3.39 UCLA GPA, a 3.72 PCC GPA. My LSDAS GPA is 3.63. An LSAT score of 172. I have activism experience, research experience, legal internships, community service, and non-profit volunteer work. My LOR's are pretty good and personal statement is outstanding.</p>

<p>Will I have a chance at Columbia, UCLA, NYU, Georgetown, or Harvard? The top brand schools??</p>

<p>lawschoolpredictor(dot)com. You have to click on Agree to terms at the top to see the chances. No to Harvard but consider at some of the t14 with your best bet at Cornell.</p>

<p>you will get UCLA and Georgetown for sure. Harvard is definitely out. For Columbia/NYU you have an ok chance but if you early decision to one of them, you would have a good shot. apply to chicago as well, i think you will have a shot there as well. </p>

<p>and to the above poster, why the heck would OP consider cornell with those grades and scores. with those scores OP should be looking at columbia nyu chicago upenn and michigan. that lsat score is too good to waste on cornell or any other schools.</p>

<p>Wow, thank you for such quick replies! One last thing. Is my GPA correct? In other words, I transferred from Pasadena City College with a 3.72. My GPA started over at UCLA. Does that mean I Law schools want a cumulative of all my grades (including my PCC grades)? In my Degree Progress Report for UCLA, it counted in my PCC units but not my PCC grades. And my overall GPA on my DPR says 3.38, but does that mean my PCC grades are counted within the UCLA DPR score? Or are those separate?</p>

<p>PlantBottles: I was simply giving a short version of what law school predictor said. If you know so much I will gracefully bow out of this thread and leave you to tell this person what to do.</p>