Chances at the Ivies?

<p>I really need someone to rate me. I'm in a class where everyone succeeds and I need help to see if I have a good chance at the Ivies. </p>

<p>Race: Asian (Korean)
Class: Middle</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 4.0/4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.6/5.0 (Aprox.)
SAT: 2380
SAT II Korean: 780
SAT II Spanish:770
SAT II US History: 780
SAT II Math IIC: 770
Student Service Learning Hours: 523</p>

AP US History 5
AP English 11 Language/Composition 4
AP World History 5
AP Calculus BC 4
AP Spanish Language 4
AP Biology 4
AP Computer Programming 2 5
AP Government United States/NSL 5
5 Others In Senior Year (Not Reported)</p>

9th Grade:
AP US History
Honors English 9<br>
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Chemistry
Honors Spanish 3
Honors Computer Programming 1
General Physical Education 1/2 </p>

<p>10th Grade:
AP Computer Programming 2
AP Government United States/NSL
Honors Precalculus AB<br>
Honors Biology
Honors Physics
Honors Spanish 4/5
Honors English 10 </p>

<p>11th Grade:
AP English 11 Language/Composition
AP World History
AP Calculus BC
AP Spanish Language
AP Biology
Cooperative Work Experience On-the Job Training A/B (Double Period)</p>

<p>12th Grade:
AP English 12 Language/Composition
AP Statistics<br>
AP Economics
AP Physics B
Introduction to Justice, Law, and Society
AP Comparative Government and Politics (Half Semester)
Mock Trial (Half Semester)</p>

Law and the Administration of Justice

9th Grade Class President
10th Grade Class Vice President
11th Grade Class Vice President
12th Grade Class Vice President
Executive Staff on the County Student Government (9-12)
Mock Trial Team Co-Captain (10)
Mock Trial Team Captain (11-12)
County Teen Court (10-11)
Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (9)
Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (12)
Tri-M Music Honors Society (9-12)
Internship: Law Firm (11)
Model United Nations (10-12)
Debate Team CoCaptain (11-12)
Asian American Club President (11-12)
Patriot Ambassadors (10-12)
TaeKwonDo Assistant Instructor (10-12)
TaeKwonDo Second Dan (11)
National AP Scholar
Student Teacher in Korea (Summer 10-12)
Student Teacher in Korean School (11)
Webmaster of My Korean School Website ( (8-12)</p>

<p>It's kinda obvious that I want to become a lawyer when I grow up.</p>

<p>'re about as qualified as any applicant I've ever seen.......Highly competitive for HYP...and basically matches for the rest of the nice job..good luck w/ everything...obviously i'm not an admisions officer so my advice is limited...but i dont see any weakpoints for you as an applicant...make the essays unique and you'll go to an excellent institution next year</p>

<p>Thanks... I forgot to add </p>

<p>I got all As/1s on a State Level Solo Competition ever since 8th Grade.
Also the term "webmaster" just means that I supervised committee that created the website. As you can see, I didn't have much time to work on a website. =]</p>

<p>Respond To My Post!</p>

<p>Congratulations. You're gettting in to every school that you want to get into. good luck at harvard.</p>

<p>i think youll have a great shot at dartmouth, un of pennsylvania, brown, and nearly all of the rest!</p>

<p>what high school do you go to? i have like practically the exact same schedule as you..and mcyo too.And all your stats are brilliant, so I think you have a great chance anywhere</p>

why ask for your chances at ivies when you know you have extremely high chances. you have a freakin 2380-just some points away from being a prefect score</p>


<p>Haha, extremely high chances is a relative term.</p>

<p>Remember that as another poster said, your stats match those accepted, but they also match a lot of those rejected.</p>

<p>You have amazing stats (AP scores, SAT scores, GPA), all stellar. But the best advice I've seen on this forum is at the point at which you have the perfect stats to get in, actually getting in will depend on how interesting/passionate you come across as in your essay. Besides that you are an amazing applicant, and I'll bet you'd get into at the very least 3 ivies.</p>

<p>you'll get into ivies but little chance at the top ones. and if i were you, i wouldnt include your korean sat ii score. you're korean. they expect you to know korean.</p>

<p>Asian from Maryland. That puts you in the middle of the pack of 100's of other east coast Asians. You'll have to be lucky to catch HYP, but the other Ivies are probably matches.</p>

<p>Apply early to Princeton and you'll get in without question. Princeton accepts 32% of all ED candidates. </p>

<p>Otherwise, you're in a crapshoot, unfortunately. I know a lot of people that read for Harvard, and, at least at Harvard, there is a certain threshold for academic achievement that one must meet, but, after that, everything comes down to the essay, and whether the person seems genuine and sure of who he/she is.</p>

you'll get into ivies but little chance at the top ones. and if i were you, i wouldnt include your korean sat ii score. you're korean. they expect you to know korean.


<p>I don't think the OP can just not send a SAT score...</p>

<p>to the OP: wow great job! now it all comes down to essays/recs</p>

<p>With your stats, I would imagine that you KNOW you're qualified. However, if you need ego-boosting, I am here to say that yes you have a very high chance of getting into top schools.</p>

<p>Make sure you write good essays though.</p>

<p>Very nice, but for one thing: I'm confused on how you have already gotten so many scores on your AP tests when we don't take them for another 3 weeks =P</p>

<p>I'd say apply to Harvard Early...Im saying this because your leaning towards law and Harvard satifies many of their pre-law students.</p>

<p>And by the way: Being Asian is NOT GOING TO HELP YOU.
It's unfair, I know.
But like I said: Tell Harvard you want law and make sure they understand that you still "haven't reached your potential"....HARVARD it is?</p>

<p>Good shot at any school on this planet. Still remember how unpredictable college appliacations are. :(
Some schools might reject you just for being overqualified.</p>

I'm confused on how you have already gotten so many scores on your AP tests when we don't take them for another 3 weeks


<p>OP's a senior.. who doesn't have this years AP yet, she said 5 to be reported... her other scores were from other years. MY question is... has this person already applied, I mean wouldn't time be up by now?</p>