Chances at the Ivies

<p>I am an African-American male and I attend an elite private school in New England here are my stats:</p>

SAT II's: 800 Writing, 800 Math IIC, 780 Physics, 800 Spanish, 800 Chemistry, 770 Literature, 800 French
Class Rank: 2/223
AP's: 5 Physics C, 5 Calculus BC, 4 Statistics, 5 Spanish Literature and Language, 4 English (both), 5 Psychology, 5 French Language and Literature, 4 Chemistry</p>

<p>1.Harvard EA

Varsity Basketball (4 years)
Varsity Crew (4 years)
Varsity Track (3 years)
JV Track (1 year)
AMC 10/12 and Math Club President (3 years) Vice Prez (1 year)
Intel Science Comp Semi Finalist
Chess Club (4 years)
Acolyte Guild (4 years)
Black Student Alliance (3 years)
Newspaper Member (4 years)
Newspaper Editor-in-Chief (2 years)
Engineering Team Captain (4 years)
Help Africa Club Founder (2 years) raised over $50,000 (where i devote most of time)
Research on Diabetes Among African-Americans at MIT(over Sophomore Summer)
Research Project on Prostate Caner Among African-Americans at Harvard (Junior Year Summer)
Poetry Club
SAT Tutor (2 years)
Calculus and Physics Tutor (2 years)
700+ hours of Community Service at Hospital, Inner city after school programs, senior citizens homes, school, beautifying the community</p>

Excellence in AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP BC Calculus, AP French, and AP Spanish
Intel Science
Engineer of the Year
Boston University Engineering Challenge Team Award
MVP Track
MVP Crew
Charitable Person of the Year
Acolyte of the Year
Citywide Elite Piano Competition 1st Place (also for clarinet and flute three years in row)
Bike-A-Thon Winner for Impoverished Sierra Leone
Black Student Alliance Member of the Year
Mad Scientist Award
Best Research Project</p>

<p>Ok those are all of my stats. What do you think. Can I get in? Tell me everything you can.</p>

<p>ummm are u kidding me? colleges are gonna like line up to grab u for being abnormal! ur an urm with those stats u are in at every school</p>

<p>100% wherever you want to go</p>

<p>In. It's hard to top any of that on paper..</p>

<p>You cannot be serious. You're ASKING if you'll get in? Dude, come on! You shouldn't even have to ask. Just look at the flipping stats, sheesh.</p>

<p>I meant: yes, of course you'll get in.</p>

<p>You've gotta be joking, no ones that good . . .</p>

<p>I studied really hard for four years of and only watch 30 minutes of tv a day!!! It is quite possible.</p>

<p>um... I think you're kidding around. If you aren't, however...</p>

<p>I'm always suspicious when people ahve a profile that "good"... and good is in quotes because I dont really know how good FOR THEM having a life like that might be. either they're born incredible geniuses or they're really not going to fit well into society at all. I mean, ok, so you missed 4 prime years of social development in order to achieve those stats for college. What happens when you get INTO college? An ivy league school is just a school in the end. You spend 4 years there, you learn, you interact with other people, and you leave. It's hard to imagine you with a personality since you're constantly studying for your 100-something SAT IIs...</p>

<p>This guy is B.S. Heres another post he made. If there are several people on this name, then theres going to be like 5 people. Not just the 12th and 8th grader he claims. He claims theres only 1 8th and 1 12th, but even his stats for college are WAY different. This guy is completely b.s.</p>

<p>My Chances at the Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill </p>


<p>Hi, I'm an African American male at an arts high school, I am also instate. Well here are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.3 UW/3.6W
SAT: 1100
ACT: 26
Rank: Top 50%</p>

Octagon (Community Service)

Excellence in Spanish, US History, Environmental Science, and Biology</p>

<p>NO AP's, only Honors English 4
Write Excellent Essay, will get excellent recommendations

<p>thought so . . . haha</p>

<p>I have a very active social life otherwise I wouldn't have as many EC's, most of this stuff just comes naturally to me and I'd rather spend time with studying, EC's and friends than watch television. I manage my time very well and am quite popular at school as the nerd/jock guy.</p>

<p>Note on this, he says hes from an elite school in NE... but on the post with the NC chances, he says hes instate... meaning hes from NC. Now maybe he just lives in NC AND NE at the same time... its not like thats impossible...</p>

<p>Not to mention even on THIS college stat, he is inconsistent. He doesnt mention music anywhere on his list of ECs but somehow, he is "Citywide Award recipient" of the piano, flute and clarinet. This guy is HORRIBLE at making stuff up.</p>

<p>I am not BS, I am using a friends screen name, he's not even home, because I didn't feel like registering so get ur facts straight.</p>

<p>Yeah. Im sure ur VERY VERY CLOSE with ur friend in NC.. while your in NE.. and your friend has a brother in 8th grade applying to Prep school who also shares this account. You're amazingly bad at making up people because of these amazing inconsistencies in your list of ECs and awards. Hush now.</p>

<p>it doesn't take that long to register. but honestly, if you'd just admit it we might have a good laugh.</p>

<p>Ok let me explain it to you guys. My friend Jonah (12th grade) is the guy who goes lives in North Carolina with his little brother Adam in the 8th grade who entered the Prep School post. I am using Jonah's screename and so is his brother. We are all from NC, but I go to an elite boarding school in NE, but we all use the same screename. Anyway, what would be the point of BSing for no reason at all. We all put in our true stats.</p>

<p>Ok if your stats are real, you should know for sure that you're gonna get into any school you apply to, so what difference does it make. :)</p>

<p>It would be wasting our own time attacking his credibility.</p>

<p>ok. explain the major inconsistencies in your ECs and awards. If you dont even play the piano,clarinet,flute (u make no mention of it in ur list of ECs) then how do u get so many awards. Also, what would be the point of not spending 2 minutes and making your own account so things like this doesnt happen?</p>

<p>i'm sorry i'll register under a different name, but all of my stats are real and I worked really hard from them. I posted this to get some opinions from real people my age and not just from an old lady in an office.</p>