Chances at the Ivy Leagues + UC's

<p>Hi everyone. I am a Socal-er, and am going to major in Classical Studies (mainly Latin literature). I plan on applying to Harvard(EA), Princeton, Yale, UPenn, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, Boston University, USC, UCLA, UCBerkeley, and UCI. What are my chances? Please help me</p>

<p>SAT: Verbal: 720, Math: 780
SATII: Latin: 790, Math IIC: 750, Writing: 660(retaking, hopefully can get at least 700)
AP: Euro-5, Cal AB-5, Bio-5, Lang/Comp-4, US-4 (Plan to take 6 more AP tests (11 Total)
GPA:4.40 weighted Class Rank- 2nd/ 399 (Salutatorian)(rank will surely stay that way)
Took all AP classes offered at my school, besides AP Spanish (Public School)
Race- Asian, Immigrant from Vietnam
Gender: Male</p>

<p>9th Grade:
English I Honors A/A
Latin 1 A/A
Geometry Honors A/A
Biology A/A
Orchestra B/A</p>

<p>10th Grade:
English II Honors A/A
Latin II A/A
Algebra II/Trig Honors A/A
World History Honors A/A
AP Euro A/A
Chemistry A/A</p>

<p>11th Grade:
Marching Band: A/A
AP Language/Composition A/A
Latin III/ A/A
AP Calculus AB A/A
AP Bio A/A</p>

<p>12th Grade:
AP Literature/Composition
Latin IV
AP Calculus BC
AP Macroecon/Govt
AP Physics C</p>

10-12 Founded Academic Decathlon (President, Team Captain)
9-12 Latin Club (Vice President, Academic Mentor)
9-12 Science Olympiad <a href="Publicity,%20Secretary">Science Team</a>
9-11 Vietnamese Club (ICC rep, VP)(Secretary for all the Viet Clubs combined in Orange County)
9-12 California Scholarship Federation
11-12 National Honor Society (only for Upperclassmen)
11-12 Junior and Senior Class Officer/ Prom Committee
9/11- Orchestra, Marching Band, Drumline</p>

<p>Awards, Miscellaneous Info:
2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver for National Latin Exam
1 Gold Medal, 2 Bronzes for Medusa Exam (Mythology)
3rd Place for Advanced Grammar Level 3 at National Latin Convention
Won 2nd Place at California Latin Convention in the Quiz Bowl (Certamen)
Won Award from Decathlon board for founding Decathlon
Play Piano (6 years ) Violin, and various Mallet instruments
Tutored students in many subjects.
(200+ hours Volunteering)
Work at Disneyland during school year
Recommendation letters will be from Latin Teacher (Only student to get an A in her class since Latin II) and History Teacher (Academic Decathlon Coach), they will be good.
Can you guys tell me my chances at each school. Thanks =].</p>


<p>Harvard (EA): Slight Reach
Princeton: Reach
Yale: Reach
UPenn: Slight Reach
Columbia: Slight Reach
Dartmouth: Slight Reach
Brown: Match
Cornell: Match
Stanford: Reach
BU: Safe Match
USC: Safe Match
UCLA: Safe Match
UCB: Safe Match
UCI: Super Safety</p>

<p>is slight reach better than a reach? lol. thank's flopsy.</p>

<p>anyone? pleasee</p>

<p>slight reach is better than a reach</p>

<p>harvard is definitely further/same level as yale and princeton. early rate is something like 12% at harvard...</p>

<p>anyone else have any comments/ suggestions? =]</p>