Chances at the UC's

<p>I've finally been able to use my old CC s/n on this site!!! Ok.. How do my buddies chances look at UCD/UCSB/UCI/UCSC/UCSD
10th Grade:
English 2(ADV):B/B
PE Bowling:A/A
World History Accl:A/A
Symphonic Band:A/A
Spanish 3:A/A
Chemistry:C/D..he really struggled...but he retook it over the summer at his local cc and got an i guess it's a C/A</p>

<p>11th Grade:
Jazz Band(can only get in by does this look good? for like music scholarships..etc):A/A
Math Analysis(Honors):B/B
AP Us History:A/A( he is very strong in History)
English 3(honors):A/A
Symphonic Band:A/A
Spanish 4(Honors):A/A
Music Theory(1 semester):A</p>

<p>Sat1:1260:660v 600m
Sat2: 730 Us History, 660 writing, 610 math IIc
EC's: EGC,AASU(VP),Debate,Marching Band,Section Leader(clarinet section),Jazz Band(sax section leader), Interact, Latinos Unidos,Clarinet Lessons, Conservatory(Music Theory..and marching band)...etc.</p>


<p>you have a good chance at basically all of them except for berkley, which is a stretch for anyone even if you live in the state of california. If you got your SAT's to about 1400 you would be a lock anywhere and competitive at berkley</p>

<p>so you think his chances are pretty good for most of the UC's even with that Chem grade? Oh and he is in-state.</p>

<p>Oh i'm sry i forgot to add USC and Pomona..and his GPA is a 3.6785..uw and a 3.9643...w. I'm not sure what his UC gpa is.</p>


<p>Hey guys where's the help?? lol</p>